Apple Pie
Apple Pie | Photo Credit: Pixabay - congerdesign

Dollywood boasts a variety of cuisine for guests including the famous 25 lb apple pie! From sweet treats to down home Southern dinners, this mountain amusement park has plenty of amazing food options. Pick from a selection of cuisine and plan out your dining for when you get to the park. This guide is designed to help you gorge your inner food lover in order by each area of the theme park!

Rivertown Junction

Aunt Granny’s Restaurant

This family-style restaurant serves up amazing entrees such as southern fired chicken, catfish or pot roast. Delicious sides include corn pudding, southern green beans and even honey-glazed carrots. Popular dessert selections include cobbler and cookies! The restaurant claims to offer vegetarian options.

Dogs N Taters

Stop by this little fast dining location right near the Back Porch Theater. This dining spot serves both corn dogs and hot dogs as well as chili cheese or regular curly fries!

Country Cookers-Kettle Korn

Watch as this delicious snack is cooked up right in front of you. Be sure to get a fresh selection of Kettle Korn!

Crossroads Funnel Cakes

This little roadside attraction presents some sweet Southern style funnel cakes! Get yours customized with toppings such as strawberries, chocolate, cookie crumbles or caramel!

Funnel Cake
Funnel Cake | Photo Credit: Pixabay – huntlh
Market Square Big Skillet

Located right in Market Square you will find popcorn, drinks and even marinated meat and veggies ready to be served up for hungry passerby!

Country Fair

Grandstand Café

Serving popular carnival style food, you can get items such as hot dogs, chicken tenders and even nachos! Plus dip some of those fries in ketchup and head back out to more fun. This dining option typically serves quick meals.

Midway Market

This little market located inside the Country Fair area of Dollywood features popcorn, cotton candy and drinks!

Blue Ribbon Cones

This ice cream shop boasts wonderful soft serve ice cream that is sure to cool down your fun summer day!

Craftsman’s Valley

Cinnamon Bread at the Grist Mill

Located right in Craftsman’s Valley, the Grist Mill features a functional water wheel and one of Dollywood’s most cherished sweet treats, Cinnamon Bread. The fresh baked bread is a favorite of visitors! The Grist Mill also has plenty of other treats to take home such as kitchen goodies, jams, honey, butters and jellies!

Food Truck Park

Within Craftsman’s Valley is food truck park which feature several food trucks with walk-up services. Some of the menu items include BBQ, Crepes, superfoods, po boys, seafood, Greek food, sweets and nachos! There is bound to be something for everyone at this food truck stop.

*The Blended Pedaler serves dairy-free and gluten-free menu options at the Food Truck park.

Granny Ogle’s Ham ‘N’ Beans

With starters such as pimento cheese and pork rinds to meatloaf and pot pie, this restaurant has all the Southern cuisine you need to make your Smoky Mountain getaway complete! Plus try a tasty dessert of banana pudding or pecan pie! There are also Gluten-Free options at Granny Ogle’s.

Hickory House BBQ

Everything BBQ just for you! The Hickory House BBQ serves brisket and pork BBQ sandwiches. It also provides turkey legs or chicken tenders and a unique option of pork fries. Get some delicious baked beans or salad too!

Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse

Another popular BBQ dining option in Dollywood is Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse. From tasty salads to amazing platters and sides, Miss Lillian serves some delicious menu options! She also provides a lot gluten free and even vegetarian options. If you don’t want to sit down and eat, you can also grab something from Miss Lillian’s BBQ Corner.

Miss Lillian's Smokehouse, Dollywood, Tennessee
Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse, Dollywood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures
Mr. Jerry’s Sit-N-Sip Refreshments

Grab yourself a slushee, popcorn or cotton candy at this refreshment station!

Pork Rinds

Watch these tasty pork rinds be fried up fresh right in front of you! These fresh treats are a wonderful snack during your visit to the park!


Front Porch Café

Conveniently located right in Showstreet, the Front Porch Café serves Southern style Fried Green Tomatoes, salads, sandwiches, entrees and decadent desserts! With a huge menu selection, this restaurant has a lot of options for those dining in groups. It also provides gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Showstreet Frozen Lemonade

Get yourself a glass of fresh frozen lemonade right there in Showstreet! Sip and stoll to cool down on the hot summer days at the park.

Showstreet Ice Cream

Cool down with an amazing selection of ice cream on Showstreet! This ice cream shop features a variety of hand-dipped ice cream flavors, milkshakes, sundaes and more!

Showstreet Snacks

Grab a butterfly pretzel, popcorn, cotton candy or a quick drink as a snack during your visit! Steer off that hanger with some of these tasty treats!

Sweet Shoppe Candy Kitchen

From caramel apples to fudge and other amazing desserts, the Sweet Shoppe Candy Kitchen boasts a variety of homemade sweets to appeal to everyone’s sweet tooth.

Spotlight Bakery

Try some delicious baked goods and even take some for the ride home! This bakery features a variety of tasty treats!

P.S. – This is where you’ll find Dollywood’s famous 25 lb apple pie!

The Village

Iron Horse Pizza

Located right across from the train in Dollywood, Iron Horse Pizza offers pizza, salads and gluten-free and vegan pizzas upon request. Also be sure to try the side of pretzel sticks dunked in alfredo sauce!

Jukebox Junction

Red’s Drive-In

Grab yourself a burger and shake and be serenaded by music of the 1950s! A variety of burgers, wraps and salads are provided. Also fries are a menu option!

Wilderness Pass

Skyview Snacks

This little path side snack shop serves up some quick treats for those that are hungry. Healthy menu options such as fruit and veggie cups are even available.

Splinter’s Funnel Cakes

Amazing Funnel Cake options served with a variety of toppings! Why not try this classic Southern summer treat?

The Dog House

At The Dog House, you can pick from a variety of scrumptious hot dog options!

Timber Canyon

Lumber Jack’s Pizza

Try a salad to a unique Lumber Jack’s pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage and bacon! You’ll be ready to get back out to Timber Canyon in no time! Gluten-free and vegan pizzas are available to those who request.

Wildwood Grove

Till and Harvest Food Hall

Dine inside our outside! This little café features a variety of menu options from create your own bowls to cheeseburgers and chicken tenders! Plus, there are also some tasty sides too!

Additional Dining Information

Saving Money on Drinks

Once you get into Dollywood, you can purchase a refillable drink cup. You will get a wristband that allows you to refill your drink for the entire day at refill stations. These stations are scattered throughout the park. There are two types of cups, a single day-use and seasonal (for passholders or multi-day tickets). Once you make your selection, you can use your cup and even keep it as a souvenir when you go home.

Bringing Food and Drinks into Dollywood

Dollywood does not allow outside food or drinks to be brought into the park. However, one unopened bottle of water per person is allowed.

Wait Times

During lunch and dinner, food lines may be long. Also field trips can add to a lot of dining spots, especially quick serve locations. There are no TimeSaver pass options on food lines. It is best to not wait until you get too hungry to find your meal!

Dining with Dietary Restrictions

Dollywood tries to provide options for those who are vegan or vegetarian. They also make accommodations for plates by serving gluten-free meals.

Food Festivals

During the seasonal food festivals, you may be able to purchase an add-on to your ticket to try foods at different places within the park.

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