Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Famous for hosting the stays of notorious mobsters and classic movie stars, the Arlington Hotel still remains one of the most luxurious lodging accommodations in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Fine dining and a full service spa are just some of the amenities this popular landmark features.


When the Arlington Hotel opened in 1875, it immediately caught the attention of travelers hoping to soak up some of the steamy waters of Hot Springs. The hotel was luxurious enough to keep wealthy visitors entertained and pampered during their stays in the area. Unfortunately a fire ravaged the original hotel and it burned to the ground in the early 1890s.

Soon after this devastating event occurred, a new hotel was unveiled in 1893. This time the hotel was much larger and presented guests with hundreds of fancy rooms for their stay. Made of elegant red brick, investors believed that this hotel would not succumb to the same terrors the previous one had. They were wrong. On April 5, 1923, the second Arlington Hotel burnt down in a rapid fire. One firefighter attempting to save lives died in the event.

Despite burning down twice, operators of the Arlington Hotel once again set out to build a new hotel. This one would be invincible and the most elegant of them all. Opening in 1924, the present day Arlington Hotel became an instant success.

Its flamboyant design and features reminiscent of the Roaring 20s attracted patrons young and old. By the time the 1930s rolled around, Hot Springs had become known for attracting mobsters and gangsters. Al Capone made his regular stays at the Arlington Hotel in Room 443. In fact, he made sure that whole floor was rented out and he secured rooms on it for all of his people, including bodyguards.

Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas | Photo Credit: Flickr – Nicolas Henderson

Since it has been in business, numerous other celebrities have made their stays at the hotel. Babe Ruth, who frequently visited Hot Springs for baseball training stayed at the hotel. Franklin Roosevelt, Tony Bennett, George H.W. Bush, Yoko Ono, Barbara Streisand, Harry Truman and Arkansas Native Bill Clinton are just a few who have made their overnight accommodations in Hot Springs at the Arlington Hotel.

The hotel is still open to the public for overnight stays. Today it still services thousands of guests each year. The Arlington Hotel also features a full service restaurant and is available for special events such as weddings and other parties.

How to Visit

The Arlington Hotel is located at 239 Central Avenue. This hotel is conveniently located right along Bathhouse Row. There are plenty of attractions and dining options nearby.

For more information about hours and rates for the Arlington Hotel, please visit the official website here.

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