Flamingos at Fresno Chaffee Zoo
Flamingos at Fresno Chaffee Zoo Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fresno, California | Photo Credit: Flickr - Connie Kendall

Spanning 39 acres in the heart of Fresno’s Roeding Park lies the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, an AZA-accredited zoo that provides a window into exotic habitats from across the globe. Originally founded over a century ago, this zoo has blossomed into a sanctuary for over 190 species for visitors to enjoy.

Guests are immediately greeted by the zoo’s showpiece exhibit – the lush rainforest environment of Stingray Bay, where they can hand-feed the friendly rays. Nearby, meerkats scurry through whimsical burrows while regal lions survey their domain from rocky outcroppings.

The sprawling new African Adventure area dropped jaws in 2015, doubling the zoo’s size with spacious savanna lands housing giraffes, rhinos, warthogs, and more. Elephants roam yards dotted with termite mounds sculpted to mimic their native terrain. An underwater viewing tunnel in Sea Lion Cove allows glimpses of the marine mammals swimming gracefully by.

Elephant at Fresno Chaffee Zoo
Elephant at Fresno Chaffee Zoo | Photo Credit: Flickr – Connie Kendall

The zoo also protects endangered amphibians within its conservation breeding program. Special events like the Dino Dig paleontology play zone for budding explorers ensure family fun. Educational aspects enrich every exhibit from the eco-conscious Kopje Lodge restaurant to bugs buzzing through the Tropical Treasures building.

As the Fresno Chaffee Zoo continues expanding into an immersive southeast Asian forest landscape, this West Coast gem keeps improving. But its welcoming community atmosphere persists, inviting adventurers to discover wildlife from nearby regions and distant continents under its thoughtful care.

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