Marfa Lights from Viewing Area, Marfa, Texas
Marfa Lights from Viewing Area, Marfa, Texas | Photo Credit: Flickr - Adam Bartlett

Just outside a rural Texas city lies a suspicious spot where people have seen strange occurrences of what locals have named the Marfa Lights. The first reports of the light date back to the early 1880s, and now thousands of people make the pilgrimage each year to catch a glimpse of the weird phenomenon.

In 1883, a young cowboy drove cattle outside Marfa, Texas. It was late at night, and he saw a strange light in the sky. He was confused by the sighting and wondered what it was. He believed that it was just a fire from an Apache Indian campsite. The next day, he ventured to where he had seen the light, and no traces of a camp or fire were found. While in the area, he asked local settlers if they had ever witnessed the light. They said that they had and were curious about its occurrence. It became a well-known mystery to the locals of Marfa.

Years later, in 1957, an article about the phenomenon was published. This brought national attention to the quiet city. In 2003, a viewing platform was established for people to visit to try to see the lights. Many tourists will venture out to the overlook late at night to see if they can spot the Marfa Lights.

Marfa Lights Markers, Marfa, Texas
Marfa Lights Markers, Marfa, Texas | Photo Credit: Flickr – Nicolas Henderson

Nobody has ever been able to explain the cause of the lights officially. Some say it is merely car headlights, but that does not explain the sightings from the late 1800s, long before cars were commonplace. Other people claim it is aliens; some say they are ghost lights, but science says it has to do with the heating and cooling of the desert air. The Marfa Lights Festival is held annually in honor of the lights.

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