Grace's High Falls, Fort Payne, Alabama
Grace's High Falls, Fort Payne, Alabama | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Nestled within the tranquil 14,000 acre Little River Canyon National Preserve flows Graces High Falls. Graces High Falls drop 133 feet over the rocky cliffs into the peaceful canyon below. This seasonal waterfall is one of many gorgeous waterfalls in the Fort Payne area.

This waterfall has been claimed to be the tallest in the entire state of Alabama.

Grace's High Falls, Fort Payne, Alabama
Grace’s High Falls, Fort Payne, Alabama | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

How to Visit

Graces High Falls are located in the Little River Canyon National Preserve. A short drive along Highway 176 will bring you to the overlook. A marker has been placed beside the road to point out the overlook site.

Please be aware that Grace’s High Falls are seasonal. To have the best chance of viewing a flowing waterfall, be sure to visit during the winter, early spring or after a heavy rain. Most likely summertime visits will not provide a chance to see the falls with water.

The waterfall is free to visit with pull up parking alongside the road. Please be cautious as the overlook is on the side of a steep canyon.

At the site there is a bench and plaque that offer a peaceful place to relax and watch Graces High Falls. The waterfall is located on the opposite site of the canyon from the observation point. It is located almost directly across from the location of the plaque.

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