Caesars Head State Park, South Carolina
Caesars Head State Park, South Carolina | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Thomson200

Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies Caesars Head State Park, a natural wonderland perfect for South Carolina’s observation and taking in impressive vistas. The park sits along the rocky Blue Ridge Escarpment in northern Greenville County, right on the border with North Carolina. Its name comes from the park’s most iconic landmark – Caesars Head, a towering granite outcrop reaching 3,208 feet above sea level.


While the origin of the name “Caesars Head” is uncertain, legend has it the rocky prominence was named after an early explorer’s dog. The indigenous Cherokee were likely the first inhabitants to admire Caesars Head’s cliffs.

In the 1840s, former state senator Benjamin Hagood acquired thousands of acres around Caesars Head. His vision set the stage for over a century of hotel operation and tourism. The property changed hands multiple times, with various owners expanding and improving accommodations. Sadly, the hotel burned down in 1954.

Today, Caesars Head State Park preserves over 4,000 acres of rugged Blue Ridge Mountain splendor—five cascading waterfalls like the 420-foot Raven Cliff Falls wow visitors. The Middle Saluda River and multiple creeks offer trout fishing opportunities. Each fall, thousands of hawks soar over the park during annual migrations. Black bears, peregrine falcons, and rare green salamanders also inhabit the landscape.

Raven Cliff Falls, Caesars Head State Park, South Carolina
Raven Cliff Falls, Caesars Head State Park, South Carolina | Photo Credit: Wikipedia – JAG

In addition to taking in heavenly mountaintop vistas, guests at Caesars Head State Park can enjoy hiking trails, camping, and picnicking. The park’s visitor center features historical exhibits and information on the diverse ecology of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area. Centuries after its discovery, Caesar’s Head continues to impress all who venture to this crowning jewel of South Carolina’s state park system.

How to Visit

Caesars Head State Park Visitor Center is located at 8155 Geer Highway. For more information, visit the official state park website here.

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