Bond Falls, Michigan (Photo Credit: Flickr - Curtis Albert)
Bond Falls, Michigan | Photo Credit: Flickr - Curtis Abert

Tucked away in Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula just a short drive off of Highway 45 lies a hidden natural gem – the magnificent Bond Falls. Plunging 50 feet over an elaborate cascade, Bond Falls impresses visitors with its raw beauty and power.

This spectacular waterfall owes some of its voluminous flow to human intervention. While Bond Falls is undeniably a work of nature, its grandeur has been enhanced by the installation of a hydroelectric dam and reservoir to harness its energy in the early 1900s.

The dam created the adjacent Bond Falls Flowage, a large reservoir that helps regulate the falls’ water supply. Even on dry summer days, the falls maintain a steady torrent thanks to the consistent outflow from the flowage. The contrast between the waterfall’s wild, untamed gorge and the tranquil manmade lake highlights the appeal of Bond Falls.

Bond Falls, Michigan (Photo Credit: Flickr - Tony Faiola)
Bond Falls, Michigan | Photo Credit: Flickr – Tony Faiola

Parking and overlooks on both sides of the road allow easy roadside access. Bond Falls combines engineering and nature to create an unforgettable landscape. The next time your UP travels take you along Highway 45, be sure to stop at this roadside attraction. As the falls’ misty roar rises above the forest, you’ll be awed by the power within their flowing waters.

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