Hoyt Library, Saginaw, Michigan (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - James W. Gault III)
Hoyt Library, Saginaw, Michigan | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - James W. Gault III

The 1887 Hoyt Library has been loved by locals for over a century. Its elegant stonework is only a glimpse to its beautiful interior. With such a prominent history in Saginaw’s past, this library has also been rumored to have ghostly sightings.

Named for its benefactor, Jesse Hoyt, the Hoyt Library was a celebrated addition to the City of Saginaw. Mr. Hoyt was a resident of New York but frequented Saginaw quite often. In fact, it was his favorite city. One thing that he desired to see in the city was an elegant library. Many buildings and land in the area were owned by the Hoyt family. When Jesse Hoyt’s health declined in 1877, his attorney worked with Hoyt to dedicate money to the then City of East Saginaw. The property that the library stands on today was owned by Hoyt and donated to the city with $100,000 to build a library in his name.

Constructed started in 1887 to create this limestone building. It was completed in 1890 when it opened to the public. It was one of the largest libraries in the region. At its opening there were over 20,000 books and other material, meeting rooms and more.

Over the years the library has expanded and been remodeled to preserve it for future generations. Today, it houses a huge collection of books, local history and a children’s area. The library even hosts community events and summer reading programs for kids and adults.

In 2015, a documentary film was made called “A Haunting at the Hoyt Library”. This documentary claimed that the library is one of the most haunted places in the Midwest.

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