History and hospitality meet in Alabama, from the songbirds and barbecue of Birmingham to Mobile’s antebellum mansions and the white sand beaches of Gulf Shores. Here you can walk in the footsteps of civil rights heroes, hear Hank Williams tunes ring out, and taste the freshest Gulf seafood. Cheer on the Crimson Tide in big-time college football country, or escape into verdant mountains and forests ripe for adventure. The Heart of Dixie beats with southern charm, culture, and mouthwatering cuisine around every corner.

First White House of the Confederacy, Montgomery, Alabama

See the First White House of the Confederacy

Travel back in time to 1861, when Jefferson Davis and his family spent the first few months of his Confederate Presidency at this home. Learn about the Civil War and the lives of some its most famous people. See many artifacts including furniture, clothing and pictures.
Big Fish House, Wetumpka, Alabama

From the Big Fish House to Art Studio, One of Wetumpka’s Most Memorable Homes

Made famous by being featured in the 2003 hit film Big Fish, this house is located on top of a hill overlooking downtown Wetumpka. In 2020, the reality HGTV series Home Town remodeled the house bringing it back to its former charm. Today the house is used as an art gallery. 
Alabama Governor's Mansion, Montgomery, Alabama

Explore the Historic Alabama Governor’s Mansion

Built in 1907, this historic home has been dedicated to serving as the Alabama Governor’s residence for several decades. Today, it welcomes visitors to explore the history of Alabama’s governors and the beautiful architecture of this grand mansion. 
Grace's High Falls, Fort Payne, Alabama

An Overlook to Grace’s High Falls, Alabama’s Tallest Waterfall

Nestled within the tranquil 14,000 acre Little River Canyon National Preserve flows Graces High Falls. Graces High Falls drop 133 feet over the rocky cliffs into the peaceful canyon below. This seasonal waterfall is one of many gorgeous waterfalls in the Fort Payne area.
Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama

Visit the Church Where Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was Pastor

Located right in downtown Montgomery, Alabama stands the historic Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. The house of worship has been dedicated to one of the greatest pastors in the church’s history, Martin Luther King Jr. It was during his time at this church that he helped organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955. 
Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum, Montgomery, Alabama

Tour the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum

Known for being the author of several bestselling novels such as The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, spent a few months in this home. Zelda being a Montgomery native, the couple wrote, created artwork and hosted elegant parties during their time here. In fact, the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to the lives of this creative couple. 
Museum of Alabama, Montgomery, Alabama

Explore Alabama History at this Amazing Museum

Follow through the years of Alabama history at this interactive museum. Located right in downtown Montgomery, the Museum of Alabama debuts a large collection or artifacts and history. Fun for all ages, explore centuries of information in this beautiful and historic building.
MOOseum, Montgomery, Alabama

Learn all about Alabama Cattle at the MOOseum

Meet Dusty, the MOOseum mascot and learn about centuries of cattle history in Alabama. Discover historical farming practices and trace the growth of ranching history. Plus, kids can try on farmer clothes and learn about beef in the hands-on exhibit.
Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery, Alabama

You Can Tour the Elegant Alabama State Capitol Building

Overlooking downtown Montgomery, the Alabama State Capitol Building is an icon on Dexter Avenue. So many historic events have taken place at the capitol and the surrounding area and the capitol is a great place to experience that history. From the ornate rotunda to the elaborate chamber rooms, the capitol building takes visitors on a spiraling journey through the history of the state and its government. 
Town of Spectre, Jackson Lake Island, Alabama

You Can Explore (Or Camp at) the Big Fish Movie Town of Spectre

Nestled on the tranquil, cypress lined banks of the Alabama River lies the movie set used to film the hit 2003 movie Big Fish. Jackson Lake Island is home to the movie set Town of Spectre and dozens of free range goats. Campers can even spend the night, go fishing and enjoy the peaceful island retreat. 

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