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Lake Catherine State Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Kayak to this Tucked Away Waterfall at Lake Catherine State Park

You can kayak or hike to the beautiful Falls Creek Falls in Lake Catherine State Park. This unique waterfall drops over 10 feet into a desolate pool below. Surrounded by lush canopy and the sound of cascading water makes this waterfall a great adventure into one of Arkansas’ greatest state parks!
Superior Bathhouse Brewery, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Indulge in Delicious Food and One-of-a-Kind Beer at Superior Bathhouse Brewery

The Superior Bathhouse Brewery is the world’s first brewery to use water from thermal springs to make their drinks. You can visit this restaurant and try a glass of several different beers or even root beer. Superior Bathhouse Brewery has some delicious food and is located inside Hot Springs National Park.
Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas

A History of Mobsters and Movie Stars at the Famous Arlington Hotel

Famous for hosting the stays of notorious mobsters and classic movie stars, the Arlington Hotel still remains one of the most luxurious lodging accommodations in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Fine dining and a full service spa are just some of the amenities this popular landmark features.
President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site, Hope, Arkansas

Explore President Clinton’s Birthplace at this Historic Home

Visit the birthplace of the 42nd President of the United States at the President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home. This small community in Arkansas has been made famous by President Clinton’s quote, “I still believe in a place called Hope”. Many memories of his childhood and family members still are scattered amongst the grounds and home of this historic site.
Arkansas Alligator Farm & Petting Zoo, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hold Baby Alligators and Feed Goats in Hot Springs

Tucked away on Whittington Avenue in Hot Springs lies a quirky attraction that's been around for over a century - the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo.
Fordyce Bathhouse, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Take a Free Self-Guided Tour inside Fordyce Bathhouse

You can take a free, self-guided tour inside Fordyce Bathhouse. Also serving as Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center, this bathhouse is the only one in the area that allows guests to explore for tours. This building served for many years as a therapeutic spa aiding people with medical conditions as well as serving as a relaxing venue. Restored to its original condition, the Fordyce Bathhouse allows guests to enter into what life was like here a century ago.
Buckstaff Baths, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Enjoy a Spa Day at Buckstaff Baths, the Oldest Original Bathhouse in Hot Springs

Of the eight bathhouses that comprise the world-famous Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs, Buckstaff Baths remains the oldest in operation. Since 1912, this historic spa service has pampered guests for over a century. Visitors today can still soak in these magnificent waters as they would have years ago!
Purple Cow, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Steer Yourself Back in Time to the 1950s at the Purple Cow

In Hot Springs, Arkansas, lies a whimsical restaurant straight out of the fabulous fifties. Known as the Purple Cow, this beloved eatery opened its doors in 1989 under entrepreneur Ed Moore and Chef Paul Bash. Its throwback diner concept featuring milkshakes, burgers, and nostalgic vibes quickly drew devoted crowds.
Hot Springs Mountain Tower, Hot Springs, Arkansas

See for Miles from Hot Springs Mountain Tower

Soaring 216 feet above the tree line on scenic Hot Springs Mountain is an iconic observation tower offering panoramic views of "The Spa City" and the Ouachita Mountains beyond. Known as the Hot Springs Mountain Tower, this popular attraction has become a landmark for sightseers.
Babe Ruth Site in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Site of Baseball’s First 500-Foot-Plus-Drive Thanks to Babe Ruth

Explore the site where Babe Ruth made baseball history with the first 500 foot-plus-drive in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This city has been known for its popular baseball heritage due to many teams training here and markers like these pinpoint the highlights that made the city famous for sports fans.

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