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Quaint seaside villages, revolutionary history, dynamic cities, and stunning natural scenery come together to form the captivating region of New England. The six states – Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut – each have their own unique character and charm. Lobster shacks, lighthouses, and sandy beaches fringe the coastline while inland you’ll find mountain vistas, maple syrup farms, ivy-league universities, and historic sites from the Pilgrims to presidents. With its perfect blend of culture, cuisine, and natural wonders, New England creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Boston Swan Boat, Boston, Massachusetts (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Captain-tucker)

Take a Ride on Boston’s Iconic Swan Boats

Since 1877, swan boats have been crossing the pond in Boston’s Public Garden. These fun boats lead to an exciting adventure that allows riders take in the peaceful tranquility that the spacious park provides. Enjoy the flowers and watch ducks that waddle around the banks of the pond.
Hemmings Motor News Original Filling Station, Bennington, Vermont (Photo Credit: Flickr - Tony FIscher)

Visit the Original Hemmings Motor News Filling Station

The Hemmings Motor News Filling Station in Bennington, Vermont, offers a nostalgic journey back in time to the classic Sunoco Station era. Here, visitors will find an extensive and captivating collection of automotive memorabilia and artifacts.
Coolidge Homestead, Plymouth Notch, Vermont (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Magicpiano)

Tour the Birthplace of President Calvin Coolidge

Embark on a journey back in time to the charming village of Plymouth Notch, Vermont, where history comes to life at the Calvin Coolidge Homestead. Nestled in the picturesque Green Mountains, this historic site offers a tour of the early life of the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge.
Mark Twain Home, Hartford, Connecticut (Photo Credit: Flickr - Scott Rettberg)

This Connecticut Mansion Once Belonged to Mark Twain

Building his home in one of the wealthiest cities in America at the time, famed author Mark Twain ordered the construction of this elaborate mansion. For several decades his family called this place home. It is a famed landmark home in Hartford.
Eastman Lord House Museum, Conway, New Hampshire (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - John Phelan)

A Glimpse into 1800s Life at the Eastman Lord House

Situated in Conway, New Hampshire sits the Eastman Lord House, a remarkably well-preserved farmhouse built in 1818 that offers visitors an opportunity to step back in time. Designated a National Historic Landmark, the home provides an authentic glimpse into early 19th century life in rural New England.
Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport, Rhode Island (Photo Credit: Pixabay - sidharthm)

Newport’s Historic Castle Hill Lighthouse

First lit in 1890, the Castle Hill Lighthouse has served as a guiding beacon in the Narragansett Bay for over a century. This iconic lighthouse is known for its photogenic scenery and a popular attraction in the Newport area.
Nubble Light, York, Maine (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Hidden Fox Photography)

Perched off the Coast, the Photogenic Nubble Lighthouse is a Maine Icon

Perched stoically on a small rocky islet off the coast of York, Maine stands one of the state's most iconic and photographed lighthouses - the Nubble Lighthouse. With its stately white tower and bright red roof, this lighthouse has charmed visitors and locals for over 135 years with its classic coastal beauty.
Trapp Family Cemetery, Stowe, Vermont (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Seasider53)

Honor a Musical Legacy at the von Trapp Family Cemetery

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Stowe, Vermont, lies a place of quiet reflection and poignant history—the Trapp Family Cemetery.
Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry's Factory, Waterbury, Vermont (Photo Credit: Flickr - Qfamily)

Ice Cream Lover’s Can Tour Ben & Jerry’s Factory and the Iconic Flavor Graveyard

Visitors are warmly welcomed to the Ben & Jerry's Waterbury facility, the only Ben & Jerry's factory open to the public. This factory, established in 1985, serves as a hub where over 350,000 pints of their beloved ice cream are produced daily.
Green Animals Topiary Garden, Portsmouth, Rhode Island (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Brian Feathers)

Step into the Whimsical World of Green Animals Topiary Garden

Nestled in the charming town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, lies a magical oasis where the art of landscaping takes on a playful and enchanting form. Welcome to Green Animals Topiary Garden, a place where meticulously sculpted bushes transform into a captivating menagerie of creatures, from elegant elephants to graceful giraffes, and where geometric shapes create a symphony of shapes and patterns.

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