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With crashing waves, winding coastal drives, and quirky beach towns, the Pacific Coast serves up classic California vibes alongside Oregon’s rocky capes and Washington’s misty forests. Surf swells at surfers’ paradises, hike windswept trails like the Lost Coast Trail, and sample farm-to-table fare from Seattle to San Diego. Each town has its own adventurous personality, tied together by the thrilling Pacific Coast Highway and stunning scenery where mountains meet the sea.

Mob Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dive Into the Shadowy History of Organized Crime at Las Vegas’ Mob Museum

In downtown Las Vegas, The Mob Museum provides an immersive look at the rise of organized crime in 20th-century America and law enforcement's efforts to combat it. Housed in a historic 1933 federal courthouse, this engaging museum transports visitors to the Prohibition era that gave rise to the Mob's power.
Avenue of the Giants from Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Marvel at Giant Redwoods Along California’s Avenue of the Giants

In Northern California, a scenic byway called the Avenue of the Giants winds through the towering redwood groves of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Formerly part of Highway 101, this narrow road carries visitors through cathedral-like stands of the tallest living things on earth.
Fort William H. Seward, Alaska

Experience History of the Last Frontier at Fort William H. Seward

Established in the late 1890s, Fort William H. Seward quickly became an important military base in the great Alaskan wilderness. The fort served to protect settlers in the area who came in search of gold and creating their own homestead. Today the fort is preserved as a National Historic Landmark.
Goldbelt Tram

Take this Tram 1,800-Feet Up a Mountain and Through a Rainforest

Ride up the side of Mount Roberts in a tram car and see for miles around. Starting at the cruise port in Juneau, you will be transported on a short ride up the mountain to the summit. On your journey you will even get to pass by the bountiful Alaskan rainforest!
Hoover Dam, Nevada

Be Amazed by the Engineering Feat of Nevada’s Iconic Hoover Dam

Straddling the Arizona-Nevada border in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River stands the mighty Hoover Dam, one of America's greatest engineering marvels. This massive concrete arch-gravity dam was built between 1931 and 1936 to tame the Colorado River for irrigation, electricity, and flood control.
Baranof Castle State Historic Site

Visit the Location Where Alaska was Declared Part of the United States

Castle Hill in Sitka, Alaska is home to Baranof Castle State Historic Site, making it the official location where Russia formally turned over the land to the United States. Taking place in 1867, this location has been celebrated by Alaskans for over a century.
Flamingos at Fresno Chaffee Zoo

A World of Wildlife Awaits at Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Spanning 39 acres in the heart of Fresno's Roeding Park lies the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, an AZA-accredited zoo that provides a window into exotic habitats from across the globe. Originally founded over a century ago, this zoo has blossomed into a sanctuary for over 190 species for visitors to enjoy.
Independence Mine, Palmer, Alaska

Experience One of the Largest Gold Mines in Alaska

Dating back to the 1890s, many settlers flocked to Alaska to try their luck at striking gold. Nestled in the Talkeetna Mountains, Independence Mine was once the second largest gold mine in the state. While it stayed in operation until the 1950s, today it serves as a state historical park.
Salt Creek Falls, Oregon

Marvel at the Cascades of Oregon’s Breathtaking Salt Creek Falls

Tucked within the rugged mountains of Oregon's Willamette National Forest lies the awe-inspiring Salt Creek Falls. Plunging 286 feet into a gaping canyon, this towering cascade ranks among the state's tallest waterfalls. Its thundering magnificence makes it a sight not to miss.
Space Needle

Soaring to the Top of the Space Needle

The infamous Space Needle that stands in Seattle, Washington is one of the most famous landmarks in all of the United States. It soars 605 feet into the air, piercing into the skyline of the big city.

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