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With craggy, snow-capped peaks piercing the horizon, the Rocky Mountain region serves up alpine splendor and adventures galore. Ride an open-air train through the Rockies, hike to thundering waterfalls in Rocky Mountain National Park, or soak in the steaming waters of Idaho’s natural hot springs. Friendly mountain towns like Aspen, Denver, and Boise bring together nature, culture, and the frontier spirit of the Wild West. With roaming wildlife, wildflower-coated meadows, and towering granite cliffs, the Rockies encapsulate the rugged beauty of the western U.S.

Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, Utah | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Discover Utah’s Beautiful Earthquake Resilient Capitol Building

Opening 1916, the Utah State Capitol looks out over Salt Lake City and to the stunning Wasatch Mountains in the distance. The building towers 285 feet to the top of the dome and contain five stories. Loved by locals and visitors alike, this building is open for tours to learn about the history of government in the Beehive State.
National Pony Express Monument, Salt Lake City, Utah | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

A Monument to the Pony Express Riders

The nearly 2,000 mile infamous journey of the Pony Express riders made a stop in Salt Lake City. Beginning in the spring of 1860, young riders would travel this dangerous path to deliver mail to the west coast at a timely rate. Their attempts did not go unnoticed as the average delivery time of mail and news across country dropped from over 20 days to just 10 days.
Idaho Falls, Idaho | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Visit Idaho Falls on the Snake River

Not only is Idaho Falls named after the city it lies within, it is also a beautiful series of rapids along the Snake River. This waterfall has been modified over the years, but some of the natural features still remain. It is estimated that the waterfall spans about 1200′ along the river.
McCune Mansion, Salt Lake City, Utah

See One of the Most Haunted Homes in Utah

Situated atop Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City is the elegant McCune Mansion. Built for a cost of $1 million dollars in 1901, the home stands as a symbol to Salt Lake City’s wealthy past. Visitors to the home have claimed that the house is extremely haunted making it a chilling home to explore.
Atlas Theatre, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Ghosts and History at the Atlas Theatre

Rumored to be haunted, the historic Atlas Theatre presents several shows a year inside its grand venue. One of Wyoming’s most beautiful indoor theatres, this place is known for its amazing architecture and engaging shows.
Buffalo Bill Gravesite

Visit the Grave of Buffalo Bill and a Museum Dedicated to His Life

Buffalo Bill lived quite the life in the American West, today a museum has been created beside his gravesite to commemorate his adventurous legacy. From a Pony Express Rider, to Civil War Solider to opening the greatest show of the Wild West, his story lives on in the exhibits showcasing artifacts from his life.
Family Search Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

This Interactive Family History Library is a Must-See for Genealogy Lovers

With several interactive stations filled with immense knowledge on ancestral history, the Family Search library provides a fun experience for your inner genealogist. This library is like no other with its displays providing years of research, family photos and historical information all right in downtown Salt Lake City.
Golden Spike National Historical Park, Utah

Visit the Golden Spike that Connected America

Located on Promontory Summit, the Golden Spike National Historical Park is a landmark dedicated to one of the most significant railroad achievements in United States history. Occurring long before Utah even became a state, this site marks the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad that connected the east to the west. 
LDS Church History Museum, Salt Lake City, Utah | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Learn About LDS Church History at this Museum

The illuminating Church History Museum of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sits in downtown Salt Lake City. This free museum utilizes engaging exhibits and activities to share the heritage of the LDS Church since its founding in the early 1800s.
Colorado Capitol Building, Denver, Colorado | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Visit the Beautiful Colorado Capitol Building

Located at the site of the official mile high point, the Colorado Capitol Building stands tall in the heart of downtown Denver. Visitors from all over the world come to this historic building to experience the iconic steps that mark the elevation. Also notice the detailed architecture that commemorates the Colorado Gold Rush.

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