Bigger than life, Texas invites visitors to explore cowboy culture, tangy barbecue, and diverse landscapes from Austin’s music scene to Big Bend’s desert vistas. Try two-stepping across dance halls in Hill Country, soak in the Liver River’s thermal waters, or hike through pine forests in the East Texas woodlands. With wide open spaces that span swamps, piney woods, mountains and desert, Texas offers adventures as grand as its famed state pride.

Longhorn Cow

Tour Fort Griffin, Home to the Official Texas Longhorn Herd

Home to the official Texas Longhorn Herd, Fort Griffin is an iconic landmark in the Lone Star State. Along with maintaining the state herd, Fort Griffin is home to Texas's oldest outdoor musical presentation. From daring gunfighters to loveable longhorns, this fort plays a vital role in Texas history.
Bishop's Palace, Galveston, Texas

Visit the Once Most Lavish House in Texas

From pure silver fireplaces to hand carved woodwork, this survivor of the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 is an landmark to the past. You can visit the once most lavish home in Texas in Galveston’s Historic District at Bishop’s Palace. This mansion will leave visitors feeling as though they just took a trip back to 1892 to experience one of the most prominent families in the Lone Star State.
Prada Marfa, Texas

The Artistic Landmark of Prada Marfa

Tucked away along a lonely stretch of Route 90 through the west Texas scrubland sits an unlikely sight - a freestanding Prada store, appearing as a mirage-like sculpture seemingly dropped from above.
Fort Travis, Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

Step Back in Time at Fort Travis Park

The historic Fort Travis Park is located on Bolivar Point at the western end of the Bolivar Peninsula. Encompassing 60 acres of military bunkers and batteries, this Galveston County gem provides visitors a glimpse into Texas history.
The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Pay a Visit to One of Texas’ Most Honored Landmarks, the Alamo

An iconic shrine to Texas liberty, the Alamo in downtown San Antonio continues to memorialize the sacrifices laid in 1836, when Mexican troops besieged the former mission for 13 days, ultimately defeating the Texian rebels seeking independence. As one of the state's most visited historic sites — welcoming over 2 million annually — the Alamo now serves as a witness to its multi-faceted history.
Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

Spray Paint a Classic Car at Cadillac Ranch

Known for being an iconic landmark along America’s famous Route 66, Cadillac Ranch still welcomes visitors to come share their own design ideas on the cars. Each year thousands of people bring their cans of spray paint to add their own spin to the artwork.
Marfa Lights from Viewing Area, Marfa, Texas

An Eerie Overlook for the Marfa Lights

Just outside a rural Texas city lies a suspicious spot where people have seen strange occurrences of what locals have named the Marfa Lights. The first reports of the light date back to the early 1880s, and now thousands of people make the pilgrimage each year to catch a glimpse of the weird phenomenon.
Billy Bob's Texas, Fort Worth, Texas

Billy Bob’s Texas: The World’s Largest Honky Tonk

Tucked away in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards lies an iconic honky tonk music venue called Billy Bob's Texas. Known as "The World's Largest Honky Tonk," Billy Bob's occupies over 100,000 square feet within a renovated open-air cattle barn that dates back to the late 1800s. The massive country music hall was founded in 1981 by nightclub entrepreneur Spencer Taylor, Texas A&M football standout Billy Bob Barnett, and several other Fort Worth investors.
Salt Bed, Grand Saline, Texas

View the Great Salt Bed of Grand Saline

Just a short drive south of Grand Saline, Texas lies the largest salt dome in the United States. The salt in this prairie has been harvested for hundreds of years and is home to Morton Salt Company. Visitors today can still view the old salt bed and the famous salt mine in the distance.

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