The Wrangler, Cheyenne, Wyoming
The Wrangler, Cheyenne, Wyoming | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Get your west on at The Wrangler in downtown Cheyenne. From cowboy hats to sparkling boots, this store features a huge selection of western wear. Offering clothes for men, women and even children, the store also has some jewelry and various outdoor wear.

Since 1943, The Wrangler has been in downtown Cheyenne to sell everything ranchers needed here on the open plains. Today, they are still selling top brands and designs for both ranchers and visitors to Wyoming’s capital city.

This store has partnered with popular national franchise, Boot Barn. So while you are shopping you can even see some of your favorite items from their own stores.

How to Visit

The Wrangler is located at 1518 Capitol Avenue in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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