Cracking Open the Secrets of Two Egg, Florida

Two Egg, Florida
Two Egg, Florida Two Egg, Florida | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Tucked away in Florida’s rural panhandle lies the improbably named town of Two Egg – a quirky crossroads community whose origins remain embroiled in folklore. For road trippers and lovers of all things offbeat, Two Egg’s rustic charms beckon discovery down its backroad routes.

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History of Two Egg

Two Egg sprang up in the 1920s around a sawmill near the intersection of State Roads 69 and 69A in Jackson County. During the Great Depression, locals began bartering goods at the village store, often trading farm-fresh eggs for staples like sugar and flour.

According to local legend, two young brothers regularly showed up to swap exactly two eggs for supplies, prompting chuckling locals to dub the area “the two egg store.” Many people in the area are thought to have brought two eggs to trade at the store during that time period due to the fact that most everyone had chickens that laid more eggs than families needed. The unusual name stuck, finally becoming official on state highway signs marking the rural community that are seen on the roadside today.

The Legend of the Two Egg Stump Jumper

Two Egg Stump Jumper, Two Egg, Florida
Two Egg Stump Jumper, Two Egg, Florida | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures | AI Generated Midjourney

While Florida’s wilderness harbors many mysteries, few rival the peculiar local legend of a swamp-dwelling creature dubbed the “Two Egg Stump Jumper.” Eyewitness accounts depict the elusive being as a hairy, Bigfoot-like figure frequently sighted darting on two legs through the remote woodlands and swamps surrounding Two Egg, Florida near the Alabama and Georgia state lines. Standing under five feet tall yet powerfully built, its distinguishing features include a flat, human-esque face and broad forehead. Some accounts also ascribe an eerie, high-pitched crying emanating from thickets and river bottoms this cryptid is said to inhabit. So beware and stay on the lookout for this famed creature of the Two Egg woods!

What to See Nearby

Today only a few buildings remain at the Two Egg crossroads of State Roads 69 and 69A, once home to the bustling Lawrence General Store, where the story of two egg likely came about. Travelers can still glimpse sites connected to other local legends, like the notoriously haunted Bellamy Bridge spanning the Chipola River. Two Egg also lies minutes from the childhood home of actress Faye Dunaway, star of Bonnie and Clyde (1967) and Mommie Dearest (1981), in the neighboring town of Bascom. Outside Two Egg, recreational treasures abound too, like paddling down the Chipola and Apalachicola Rivers and hiking Torreya State Park.


Whether drawn by its curious name, charming legends or access to untouched wilderness, Two Egg promises adventurers a rewarding glimpse of off-the-beaten-path, old-fashioned Florida winding its way into modern times. From peculiar origin tales to haunted bridges and mythical swamp beasts, Two Egg certainly bears no shortage of Larger Than Life folklore flavoring this corner of the panhandle. Beyond tall tales though, the pioneering spirit of trading and community that birthed this town prevails. Two Egg offers a portal where the Florida of decades past collides with the present for those willing to venture away from crowded highways. Here, you’ll witness the magic that arises when travelers slow down long enough to uncover backroad tales hidden in plain sight.

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