The Stanley Hotel
The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Carol M. Highsmith

The historic Stanley Hotel was made famous by Stephen King’s “The Shining” in addition to its unique history. Each year thousands of people come to this place to witness the architecture and spooky happenings at the infamous location.

The hotel was built in 1907 with construction completed in 1910. It was named after its builder, Freelan Stanley who was told to move to Colorado to help with his tuberculosis.

Stanley had made his fortune from steam-powered cars and used some of them to bring visitors to his hotel. Even though Stanley was known for not making much of a profit from his lavish place he still put a great deal of effort into it.

In time, the Stanley Hotel inspired many people to begin exploring the Estes Park area and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Over the years many people came to stay at this hotel to be pampered by its luxurious style and immersed in the beautiful mountain scenery.

Hauntings and “The Shining”

Various hauntings are said to have occurred in the halls and staircase of the hotel. Especially after it became infamous by Stephen King’s novel, the hotel has been a place where paranormal investigators wish to conduct reports.

Once again bringing fame to the landmark, Stephen King and his wife spent a night at the famous hotel. During his stay, Mr. King was inspired to write a novel based on his visit. The product that came from this inspiration was his book which later became a movie.

How to Visit

The Stanley Hotel is located at 333 Wonderview Avenue in Estes Park. For more information about staying at the hotel or simply visiting the location, please click here.

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