Flower and Food Festival at Dollywood, Tennessee
Flower and Food Festival at Dollywood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Explore Dollywood on a shopping adventure! Browse dozens of shops with merchandise ranging a huge variety! Not only can you pick up some amazing souvenirs but also shop clothing, food and even cabin décor! Using this guide you can navigate through the theme park areas with a list of the shops!


Gazebo Gifts

Located right in Showstreet near the entrance to the park, Gazebo Gifts provides a huge selection of items for all different seasons and souvenir types. Try on sunglasses, or find a Dollywood sweatshirt to remember your adventure to the park! Or better yet, bring home some items to share with your family.

The Southern Pantry

Shop through dozens of Southern inspired food, jams, sauces and treats at the Southern Pantry. Conveniently located right in Showstreet, this shop has plenty of goodies to take on the ride home.

Dollywood Emporium at Dollywood, Tennessee
Dollywood Emporium at Dollywood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Flickr – Jeremy Thompson
Dollywood Emporium

Even more Dollywood goodies are to be found at the Dollywood Emporium! This shop showcases a variety of all different types of unique items you can shop through!


Southern-style inspired clothing and more can be found at Traditions near Market Square in Showstreet!

Craftsman’s Valley

Hillside General Store

This old-fashioned style shop bring visitors to a feeling of stepping back in time to the days of early Tennessee. Shop merchandise inspired by goods and treasures of days of old and new. From the shop, you can even mail a postcard to family back home!

Grist Mill

Located right in Craftsman’s Valley, the Grist Mill features a functional water wheel and one of Dollywood’s most cherished sweet treats, Cinnamon Bread. The fresh baked bread is a favorite of visitors! The Grist Mill also has plenty of other treats to take home such as kitchen goodies, jams, honey, butters and jellies!

Lucky 7 Mine & Pick-A-Pearl

This shop boasts an amazing selection of jewelry and gems to pick from. Take home a piece of specialized jewelry right from the heart of Dollywood.

Wired Up Names

Have your name custom wired into a beautiful piece of jewelry! This unique shop features hand crafted jewelry from a professional crafter. Plus, what better place to get a crafted piece of jewelry than Craftsman’s Valley!

Valley Forge Blacksmith

Step back in time to the days of when blacksmiths lived in nearly every community in Tennessee. Forging useful tools and other items for settlers of the region. In Dollywood, you can share that experience by watching a skilled blacksmith create an item custom for you! Or just watch how they create other items! You can even shop in the little store inside to browse other creations.

Valley Forge Blacksmith at Dollywood, Tennessee
Valley Forge Blacksmith at Dollywood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures
Old Flames Candles

This quaint candle shop features the ability to make your own candle! These treats can be taken home to enjoy as a family keepsake. Also, be sure to shop the local selection of homemade candles. Select from scents, shapes and styles!

Smoky Creek Leather

Watch as skilled crafters make a variety of items from this quaint shop. You can even shop through these handcrafted leather works by finding something such as a bracelet, hat or belt!

Valley Woodcarvers

Another shop situated in Craftman’s Valley features trained wood carvers. These carvers can personalize items just for you! Even more, you can shop through dozens of unique creations that come from these amazing crafters!

The Village

Temple’s Mercantile

This old-fashioned style candy shop and mercantile boasts a sweet collection of items! Enjoy during your visit or take some for the road trip home!

Timber Canyon

The Mine Shaft

Even more Dollywood merchandise can be found at the Mine Shaft. Located in Timber Canyon, this shop is sure to have something for everyone!

Rivertown Junction

Mountain Laurel Home

From cozy cabin décor to souvenir snow globes, Mountain Laurel Home features a cozy Tennessee wilderness themed shopping experience.

Mountain Blown Glass

Browse and watch how crafters create amazing blown glass items on display and for sale! These items range from ornaments to vases and even lamps or figurines!

Adventures in Imagination

Dolly’s Closet

Perfectly located nearby Dolly’s tour bus and the museum of her memorabilia, Dolly’s Closet features clothing inspired by the famous singer. Browse through dozens of merchandise themed for Dolly herself.

Jukebox Junction

Hi-Octane Shop

Vroom! This classic car themed shop offers visitors with more souvenir options! Grab a t-shirt or coffee mug and remember your trip down to Jukebox Junction in Dollywood!

Wilderness Pass

Eagle Flight Outfitters

Located right near the famed Wild Eagle coaster, Eagle Flight Outfitters presents clothing and accessories to commemorate your flight on the ride!

Volunteer Supply

Named after Tennessee being known as the “Volunteer State” this shop boasts amazing souvenirs from the rides in Wilderness Pass and so much more!

Wildwood Grove

Mountain Grove Merchants

While the kids play, take a moment to browse through this dragonfly, butterfly and lightning bug themed shop! The magic of Wildwood Grove spews into this fun shop filled with plenty of fun selections!

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