Discover the World of Tiny Town, A Hand Carved Animated City

Tiny Town, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Tiny Town, Hot Springs, Arkansas | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

The small community of Tiny Town lies within this quirky attraction right in the vacation hotspot of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Boasting quite a unique population, and even a few scattered celebrities, Tiny Town is a hobby that has grown into a generational exhibit. From a lighthouse that flashes warning to ships in the waters below to the peaceful country farm with a winding train, there is plenty to see. Tiny Town showcases handmade scenes that represent important places from all over the world. From places that have deep meaning to the creators lives to the creative train tunnels and landscapes, let your imagination run wild.


It all began when Frank and Louise Moshinskie created miniature buildings and people. Their creation went on to be referred to as “Tiny Town”. The Moshinskie’s spent decades carving all of the people and bringing life to the animated display. Frank was only 13 when he began making some of the pieces. Within the display is a replica of the farm that Frank grew up on as well as a neighboring home that resembles the one that he and his wife Louise raised their own family in.

When Frank and his wife Louise passed away, their son Charles took over the display. It has since become a family business. Charles and his wife Barbara and their son Jim have made the display open to the public to keep the family work alive and for visitors to enjoy. This inspiring display may even encourage you to start your very own Tiny Town!

Tiny Town, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Tiny Town, Hot Springs, Arkansas | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

How to Visit

Tiny Town is located at 374 Whittington Avenue. After purchasing tickets, you will be given a guided tour of the village.

After touring the miniatures, be sure to check out the gift shop as there are a lot of fun and unique items to explore. Some merchandise for sale will even give you the opportunity to begin founding your own “Tiny Town”.

For more information about hours and admission, please visit the official website here.

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