Mob Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mob Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada | Photo Credit: Flickr - Phil Guest

In downtown Las Vegas, The Mob Museum provides an immersive look at the rise of organized crime in 20th-century America and law enforcement’s efforts to combat it. Housed in a historic 1933 federal courthouse, this engaging museum transports visitors to the Prohibition era that gave rise to the Mob’s power.

Spread across three floors, exhibits profile infamous Mob figures like Al Capone while showcasing artifacts connected to real events. See the actual brick wall from the bloody St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago or stand in the courtroom where Congressional hearings exposed Mob operations in the 1950s. Interactive displays let you listen to wiretaps, examine forensic evidence, and try your hand at a police training simulator.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre Wall, Mob Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall, Mob Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada | Photo Credit: Flickr – Kate Headley

Down in the basement speakeasy, visitors can learn bootlegging history and taste the museum’s moonshine from their operational still. The self-guided tour winds through the decades, charting the Mob’s rise and fall across the 20th century. Mobsters, G-men, victims, and informants come to life through photos, films, and engaging exhibits.

While organized crime often controlled Sin City’s early casino industry, today, the Mob Museum exposes this once shadowy history. Visitors walk away with insider perspectives on the forces that shaped Nevada and the country. It provides an unflinching look at the violence, corruption, and illicit fortunes reaped by organized crime throughout America’s past.

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