Commander's Palace, New Orleans, Louisiana
Commander's Palace, New Orleans, Louisiana | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Bobak Ha'Eri

One of the Garden Districts most popular restaurants, Commander’s Palace has been serving up Creole favorites since 1893. Dine immersed in New Orleans charm and enjoy a variety of dishes served with Southern hospitality.

Founded by Emilie Commander in 1893, the restaurant began as a small saloon in the neighborhood. It quickly grew and became a beloved favorite in this Uptown New Orleans area.

The Giarrantano family purchased the restaurant in 1920 and lived above the restaurant. Rooms upstairs were also leased for elegant private dinners for local notables and passing by steamboat captains. When Prohibition was enacted, Commander’s Palace is rumored to have stored its liquors in the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 across the street.

The restaurant passed ownership to the Moran family who remodeled the place and later purchased by the Brennan family. Even though the restaurant has passed through several generations, it still boasts a classic New Orleans charm with its roots deeply fixated in the Garden District community.

Commander's Palace, New Orleans, Louisiana
Shrimp & Grits, and Champagne Poached Crab at Commander’s Palace, New Orleans, Louisiana | Photo Credit: Flickr – T.Tseng

The restaurant survived the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and was once again remodeled following the storm. Since then, it has hosted a numerous amount of chefs and food show hosts.

Today, the restaurant is open to visitors from around the world. Serving up timeless Creole cuisine in its elegant atmosphere.

Located at 1403 Washington Avenue in the Garden District of New Orleans, Commander’s Palace is only two blocks south of the St. Charles Line Streetcar stop.

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