Slide Rock State Park, Arizona
Slide Rock State Park, Arizona | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Don Graham

Just outside of Sedona is one Arizona’s most beautiful state parks. Slide Rock State Park is known for its stunning natural water slide and its historic apple farm. Visitors to the park love to take advantage of the several hiking trails that wind through the many scenic rock formations.

While the land was first settled by Frank Pendley over a century ago, he built his homestead on the property. The historic apple orchard is credited to his planting in 1913. The apples thrived after he developed an innovative irrigation system. Later, seeing that there was an interest in his beautiful canyon, Pendley constructed guest cabins that allowed passerby to stay at the canyon.

Winter at Slide Rock State Park, Arizona
Winter at Slide Rock State Park, Arizona | Photo Credit: Wikipedia – John Fowler

Slide Rock is a natural water slide located near Oak Creek, which also lends the name to the surrounding Oak Creek Canyon. Of the several homesteads that once existed within the canyon, Pendley’s is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

After the Arizona State Park system acquired the property in the 1980s, it officially opened to the public. Today, it is credited with being one of the countries top state parks according to Fordor’s Travel.

Slide Rock State Park is located at 6871 AZ-89A in Sedona.

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