Fort William H. Seward, Alaska
Fort William H. Seward, Alaska | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Mike Quach

Established in the late 1890s, Fort William H. Seward quickly became an important military base in the great Alaskan wilderness. The fort served to protect settlers in the area who came in search of gold and creating their own homestead. Today the fort is preserved as a National Historic Landmark.

Fort William H. Seward is named after the United States Secretary of State who helped to settle the Alaska Purchase with Russia. For several decades, this fort served as a military base that not only oversaw the local settlers but also kept the peace with Natives and the land barriers with nearby Canada.

After World War II, the fort closed down and has since been used as a tourist attraction. The area is known for debuting local art and providing accommodations in this quaint Alaskan community.

Fort William H. Seward is located just less than a mile south of the city of Haines. The area rests on the banks of the Chilkoot Inlet. Also nearby are restaurants and even a distillery.

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