Explore Saginaw’s Historic Castle Museum

Castle Museum, Saginaw, Michigan (Photo Credit Flickr - Aberro Creative)
Castle Museum, Saginaw, Michigan | Photo Credit: Flickr - Aberro Creative

From its beginnings as a post office in the late 1800s, this historic castle now is home to one of Saginaw’s most beautiful museums. Dive deep into local history with engaging exhibits with fun for all ages. Three stories of artifacts and displays are open for exploration on the history of Saginaw County, Michigan.

The building was designed by architect William Aiken, who claimed to be modeling it after some of the French influence seen in the area by settlers. It opened as a post office on July 3, 1898 and operated comfortably as such until the 1930s. When the idea of moving the post office came about, local residents fought to have the building saved and requested that an addition be made. The building was expanded in 1937 and the post office remained in this building until the 1970s.

Castle Museum, Saginaw, Michigan (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Ian Poellet)
Castle Museum, Saginaw, Michigan | Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Ian Poellet

Faced with the terrors of demolition twice, residents of Saginaw County worked to preserve the building. The Castle Museum was opened shortly after and has been operating for over 30 years in this location.

On display at the museum are over 150,000 artifacts scattered across the three story museum. Stroll up the iconic staircase and meet Lady Justice. Some of the permeant exhibits to see include the Saginaw County Sports Hall of Fame, Objects of the Anishinabek people, items from local factories and even the history of lumbering in Saginaw. Upstairs walk through period rooms filled with furniture and items from days gone by.

The museum is free for Saginaw residents and a small admission fee to any others.

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