USS Wisconsin, Norfolk, Virginia (Photo Credit: Flickr - Kelly Verdeck)
USS Wisconsin, Norfolk, Virginia | Photo Credit: Flickr - Kelly Verdeck

Launched in honor of Pearl Harbor and serving most of the WWII era in the Pacific Ocean, the USS Wisconsin has been decommissioned in Norfolk, Virginia. It is at this location that the ship now serves as a museum featuring naval history in a hands-on experience.

The USS Wisconsin was launched in Philadelphia in 1943, exactly two years after the tragic events of Pearl Harbor. The ship was immediately placed into action in the Pacific Theater. It was here that men aboard the USS Wisconsin worked to trace U.S. aircraft and aid in the location of Japanese forts.

Following Word War II, the ship was used in the Korean War before being sent to be used as a training ship for naval recruits. During this time the USS Wisconsin sailed to various ports around the world training seamen on how to work aboard the ship.

USS Wisconsin, Norfolk, Virginia (Photo Credit Flickr - Alexander Hatley)
USS Wisconsin, Norfolk, Virginia | Photo credit: Flickr – Alexander Hatley

The ship was decommissioned in 1958 and placed at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Upon retiring the USS Wisconsin, it was the first time the U.S. Navy had not had an active battleship within its fleet in over 60 years.

In 1986, the USS Wisconsin was recommissioned and revitalized with modern technology. The ship practiced maneuvers out in the Atlantic Ocean.  Seeing action once again, this battleship was utilized in the Gulf War before being finally decommissioned.

The USS Wisconsin was sent to Norfolk, Virginia where it is currently located to be used as a museum. However this ship is such a valuable resource to the U.S. Navy that it was never completely ruled out from future usage. In fact, the ship is not allowed to be altered in any way and its tactical gear is held in reserve in case of necessity.

Located at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, the USS Wisconsin welcomes tourists to explore the famed battleship. 

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