Lightning Rod at Dollywood, Tennessee
Lightning Rod at Dollywood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Flickr - Jeremy Thompson

Nestled into the beautiful mountains of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Dollywood is a country inspired amusement park filled with excitement and entertainment at every corner. From busy shops filled with amazing food to thrilling rides, this park is a wonderful destination to add to your mountain getaway!

Dollywood Theme Park is separated into 11 different areas each with their own theme. Each of these areas consist of a variety of attractions, shopping, dining and even shows! Not every section of the park has rides. The really spectacular fact about Dollywood is that it is very easy to navigate. The park basically makes a giant loop so if you follow the map and sidewalks you should be able to see just about everything!

To simply list all the rides, the park is sectioned out by the types of rides. This way, you can jump right to the section that you want to read! Maybe you are bringing your kids and want family-friendly amusements or maybe, you are a thrill seeker and want to test your bravery on the Tennessee Tornado! Either way, Violet Sky Adventures has got you covered! Read on to learn more about some of the amazing rides that Dollywood Theme Park has to offer.

Roller Coasters

Many visitors to Dollywood love the several roller coasters that the park has to provide. In fact, the park boasts some of the states most thrilling coasters. There are eight existing roller coasters and one coming soon in Spring 2023!


Located in Timber Canyon, Thunderhead is a huge wooden roller coaster inspired by the tales of the Old Thunderhead Gap sawmill. While it reaches a top speed of 55 MPH it also drops visitors over 100 feet during its winding adventure through the towering trees! Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.

Mystery Mine

Mystery Mine is another daring adventure that takes place in Timber Canyon. This steel roller coaster takes riders deep into an abandoned mine where they will be dropped 85 feet into the darkness of the unknown. Riders must be at least 48 inches to ride.

Whistle Punk Chaser

This junior coaster is still not for the faint of heart. Riders must be at least 36 inches before they embark on this mine car adventure!


Pretend you are on the wings of a dragonfly are you soar high into the mountain sky in Wildwood Grove! This ride is suitable for riders who are at least 39 inches tall. However, any riders shorter than 48 inches must ride with a person 16 or older. The maximum height on this ride is 81 inches.

Big Bear Mountain, Dollywood, Tennessee
Big Bear Mountain, Dollywood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Flickr – Martin Lewison
Big Bear Mountain

Nestled in the cozy Wildwood Grove, Big Bear Mountain takes riders on the longest coaster ride in all of Dollywood.

Firechaser Express

Located in Wildnerness Pass, this Smoky Mountain adventure launches visitors on a firehouse themed adventure. Known for being the first dual-launch roller coaster in the country, this ride launches both forward and backward on a blazing journey. This ride is suitable for riders who are at least 39 inches tall. However, any riders shorter than 48 inches must ride with a person 16 or older.

Wild Eagle

Soar above the clouds like a eagle on this feet dangling coaster! Wild Eagle soars as tall as a 21 story building as riders perch on the wings to engage in this mountain flight! In fact, this roller coaster was the first in the United States to be a wing coaster. Riders must be at least 50 inches to ride but no taller than 78 inches.

Blazing Fury

Situated in Craftsman’s Valley, Blazing Fury takes thrill seekers on this firefighting adventure back in time to the Wild West. This is an indoor roller coaster and riders must be at least 42 inches to ride.

Tennessee Tornado

Swirl through Craftsman’s Valley as this giant twister plows through the Tennessee Mining Company. With speeds up to 70 mph and a terrifying 128-foot drop, this coaster will have you screaming for the storm to pass. Riders must be at least 48 inches to ride.

Lightning Rod, Dollywood, Tennessee
Lightning Rod, Dollywood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures
Lightning Rod

Head on down to Jukebox Junction to take a ride in the Lightning Rod! This hot rod themed coaster goes from 0 to 45 mph up 20 stories before plummeting down a 165 foot drop. The top speed of the ride reaches 73 mph and is known for being one of the top coasters in the country. Riders must be at least 48 inches to ride.

Rides for Kids

The Amazing Flying Elephants

Soar up into the sky at the Country Fair on the back of an elephant. Stay low to the ground or fly high depending on your preference. This ride also has no minimum or maximum height so riders of all ages are welcome.

Busy Bees

Buzzing around the Country Fair are these Busy Bees! Kids can ride in these bumble bee themed cars as they enjoy the sights and sounds of the carnival around them!

Lemon Twist

Hop inside these lemony teacups at the Country Fair. Spin as fast or as slow as you want as you swirl around the ride in this fun ride for the whole family.

Lucky Ducky

Quack, Quack! Kids can hop inside a Lucky Ducky at the Country Fair for this farmyard adventure.

Piggy Parade

Hop on inside a piggy style car as kids can enjoy the ride around the track at the Country Fair.

Frogs and Fireflies

Hop along or fly in the sky in this family friendly adventure located within Wildwood Grove. This ride is suitable for all ages.

Hidden Hollow

While Hidden Hollow is not necessary a ride, this amusement area is filled with indoor playground equipment which makes it a great place for kids to play when the Smoky Mountain rain closes other rides.

Water Rides

Daredevil Falls, Dollywood, Tennessee
Daredevil Falls, Dollywood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Flickr- Jeremy Thompson
Daredevil Falls

Rushing over a 60-foot drop, Daredevil Falls plummets visitors over the treacherous cascade at a speedy 50 miles per hour. Riders must be 42 inches to ride. Also, any loose clothing such as hats may be lost on the ride at the drop. It is best to remove loose items before riding.

Smoky Mountain River Rampage

Get ready to take on this white water rafting adventure! The Smoky Mountain River Rampage is home to some exciting splashes and turns! Watch out for the waterfall that is sure to get everyone soaked!

Note: You will likely get wet on these rides from the splashing water. You may want to bring spare set of clothes or wear clothes and shoes that dry quickly if you plan on riding.

Other Rides

Dollywood Express

Depart from the Village as you embark on a 20 minute, 5 mile adventure through Dollywood Theme Park and into the woodlands beyond. Known as “Cinderella”, this train is a 110-ton coal fired steam engine. Enjoy the guided tour and even hear country inspired songs from the parks icon, Dolly Parton. The Dollywood Express is first come first serve, so you may want to join the line early.

Village Carousel

Hop aboard one of the unique animals that make up this timeless amusement ride. The Village Carousel is located near the train and Heartsong Theater.

Black Bear Trail

Ride on a black bear through Wildwood Grove. This ride takes visitors on a path that winds through a woods display. Riders for this must be at least 36 inches to ride.

Treetop Tower

Ride to the top of the tree in an acorn as you swirl around the treetop. There is no minimum or maximum for this ride.

Demolition Derby

Come on down to the Country Fair to drive your very own car in this crashin’ derby! Riders must be 42 inches tall to ride or drive.

Waltzing Swinger

Spin around this fun adventure to see the amazing surrounding Country Fair. This ride is for those who are 42 inches or taller.

Dizzy Disk

Located in the Country Fair, the Dizzy Disk swirls riders around on a topsy turvy adventure! Get ready to spin on this exciting adventure! Also, riders must be 48 inches to ride.

Sky Rider

Located in the Country Fair, the Sky Rider flies guests up 70 feet above. Riders must be 42 inches to ride with a person 16 years old or older. Or must be 48 inches to ride alone.

Shooting Star

Take on this kid-friendly drop aboard the Shooting Star at the Country Fair. Riders must be 36 inches to ride with a 16 year old or older.

The Scrambler

This classic carnival ride is located right down in the Country Fair. Prepare to be scrambled on this ride that is fun for all ages.

Rockin’ Roadway

Dance on down to the Rockin’ Roadway where you can be the driver of a classic car on this fun 1950s themed track! Roll along while listening to classic jukebox favorites and experience this fun outdoor adventure! Riders under 42 inches must be accompanied by someone 16 years old or older.

Drop Line

Jump 20 stories into the sky to see for miles around. Riders must be at least 55 inches tall to ride.

Great Tree Swing

Located in Wildwood Grove, swing back and forth on the Giant Tree Swing. Moving like a pendulum, this ride will bring thrills and excitement! Riders must be at least 36 inches to ride. Anyone over 42 inches can ride alone.

Lumberjack Lifts

Test your strength as you can lift yourself up to 25 feet above Timber Canyon. Feel the strength of being a lumberjack and even enjoy the fall if you wish! Must be 40 inches to ride with a 16 year old or older, 48 inches or taller to ride alone.


Pretend you are pilot as you fly over and spin in the air! This ride goes up to 45 miles per hour over 80 feet in the sky. It also can turn up to 230 degrees for even more thrill! Riders must be 48 inches to ride.

The Mad Mockingbird

Riders soar like a mockingbird as they spin around this flying attraction! Riders must be 36 inches to ride.

Additional Ride Information


Not all rides are open during inclement weather. In fact, most outdoor rides will be shut down during thunderstorms for safety concerns.

Ride Timing

Some rides are available for the TimeSaver pass which is similar to Disney’s Fast Pass that you would see at Disney Parks. This may be purchased for additional cost.

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