Big Fish House, Wetumpka, Alabama
Big Fish House, Wetumpka, Alabama | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Made famous by being featured in the 2003 hit film Big Fish, this house is located on top of a hill overlooking downtown Wetumpka. In 2020, the reality HGTV series Home Town remodeled the house bringing it back to its former charm. Today the house is used as an art gallery. 


The historic house has been atop the hill in downtown Wetumpka for decades. However, it wasn’t until Tim Burton and his crew dedicated to make the home one of the filming locations for the 2003 film Big Fish that the house claimed national fame. 

The home has been a hotspot site to visit for lovers of the iconic movie. During their time in Wetumpka, HGTV stars Ben and Erin Napier from Home Town spent a season helping the small city see great revitalization efforts. This historic home was just one of the sites remodeled during their filming in 2020. 

How to Visit

The Big Fish House is located at 401 East Bridge Street  in downtown Wetumpka, Alabama. The house is not open for tours. 

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