Giraffes at the Virginia Zoo, Norfolk, Virginia (Photo Credit: Flickr - cw)
Giraffes at the Virginia Zoo, Norfolk, Virginia | Photo Credit: Flickr - c w

Step into a world of discovery, right from the plains of Africa to the comfort of your own backyard, as the Virginia Zoo beckons you to explore its wonders. Open year-round, this exceptional destination promises a wealth of family fun, educational experiences, thrilling encounters, and captivating events suitable for all ages. Here, you’ll have the chance to come face to face with a fascinating array of creatures, including lions, red pandas, orangutans, snakes, and many more.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Siamese crocodile as you get up close and personal with this enigmatic species within their specially designed habitat. And don’t miss the chance to hop aboard the Zoo train for a delightful ride through the grounds. As you traverse the zoo’s beautiful gardens, you’re in for an adventure that the whole family can cherish.

At the Virginia Zoo, you’ll have the opportunity to meet animals hailing from various corners of the globe. This park has evolved and expanded over its more than 120 years of existence, offering a truly unique experience for visitors. From the graceful orangutans to the majestic lions and the gentle giants, the elephants, each visit to this zoo promises an unforgettable encounter with the animal kingdom.

Bongo Antelope at the Virginia Zoo, Norfolk, Virginia (Photo Credit: Flickr - Watts)
Bongo Antelope at the Virginia Zoo, Norfolk, Virginia | Photo credit: Flickr – Watts

The Virginia Zoo first opened its doors in 1900 and rapidly garnered popularity as a prominent attraction in Norfolk. With over 200 animals gracing its exhibits, the park was a sight to behold from the very beginning. Since its inception, the zoo has undergone numerous renovations and expansions, enhancing the visitor experience and ensuring the comfort and well-being of its animal residents.

What sets the Virginia Zoo apart is not only its diverse collection of animals from around the world but also its commitment to showcasing the plant species that represent their native habitats. As you explore the zoo, you’ll not only encounter captivating creatures but also the lush flora that complements their environments, making each visit a holistic and enriching experience.

The Virginia Zoo is located at 3500 Granby Street in Norfolk.

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