Havasu Falls, Arizona
Havasu Falls, Arizona | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Gonzo fan2007

Havasu Falls is one of the Grand Canyon’s best kept secrets. This stunning waterfall is located along the Havasu Creek nestled among the Havasupai Tribal Lands. A beloved Arizona landmark, this cascade is worth the hike. 

Havasu Falls was once commonly referred to as Bridal Veil Falls. Before 1910, the waterfall was much wider and had a lot more water pressure than what is seen today. Through the years and climate conditions, the waterfall typically only consists of one constant cascade of water.

The waterfall tumbles about 100 feet over the beautiful desert canyon rock to fall into a peaceful swimming pool below. The gorgeous blue water does not go unnoticed and is attributed to the high content of calcium carbonate.

Havasu Falls can be accessed by hiking along a trail that is located on tribal land. There is a small general store along the trail that can help hikers. Use caution along the trail and near the water as the waterfall is still very powerful and can be dangerous. 

A permit is required from the Havasupai Reservation for access to the falls and camping.

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