Have a Slice of Pizza Inside this Elegant 1904 Hotel

Tiffany's Food and Spirits, Frankenmuth, Michigan (Photo Credit: Flickr - Ken Lund)
Tiffany's Food and Spirits, Frankenmuth, Michigan | Photo Credit: Flickr - Ken Lund

In the heart of Michigan’s Little Bavaria of Frankenmuth stands a cozy 1904 hotel that now houses an iconic eatery famous for its ornate interior – Tiffany’s Food and Spirits. As you dine on creative pizzas under shimmering stained glass, the restaurant’s rich history and charm surrounds you.

This building originally served weary lumber workers as the Hotel Goetz during Frankenmuth’s logging heyday. Over a century later, the vintage hotel now hosts hungry diners in its ornate dining room decorated with 16 brilliant Tiffany glass chandeliers. These stunning early 1900s fixtures lend Tiffany’s its name and elegant ambiance.

Beneath the glowing Tiffany lamps, guests can enjoy views of bustling Main Street through large windows while indulging in modern twists on Italian classics. Tiffany’s is best known for artisan pizzas heaped with gourmet toppings. Also on the menu are pastas, salads, burgers and chef’s specials.

To complement your meal, Tiffany’s offers a full bar including Michigan craft beers, specialty cocktails, and wine. Sip a drink alfresco on the patio when weather allows. Excellent food, historic charm and a downtown Frankenmuth location await you.

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