Grand Canyon of NE Lower Michigan, Posen, Michigan (Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures)
Grand Canyon of NE Lower Michigan, Posen, Michigan (Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures)

Nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of NE Lower Michigan” Stevens Twin and Bruski Sinks plunge to depths of 112 feet. Trees stretch up to the sky as they attempt to soar into the sunlight. This hidden gem located about 20 miles south of Rogers City, offers wonderful short hikes through the secluded wilderness.

For years leading up to the conservation of this beautiful landscape the Bruski sink was used as a landfill. Garbage was dumped from the edge of the sink for decades. After the Michigan Karst Conservancy acquired the land in 1993, they begun removal of the debris in 1999.

It was noted that over the course of cleaning out Bruski Sink they found old appliances, rusty containers filled with paint and motor oil and even nine car bodies that were left to the bottom on the sink. It took a 75 ton crane to lift out all of the rubbish.

Now that the natural land can replenish the sinks make a great place for an outdoor adventure.

Today the sinks are available for hiking along the designated trails. The trails are mowed and maintained throughout the summer. To explore the sinks off the trail, you must request permission from the Michigan Karst Conservancy or email

The sinks are located on Leer Road is Posen, Michigan. You can also visit the Alpena Area Tourism Center for more detailed information on exploring Stevens Twin and Bruski Sinks.

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