Superior Bathhouse Brewery, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Superior Bathhouse Brewery, Hot Springs, Arkansas | Photo Credit: Flickr - Jeremy Thompson

The Superior Bathhouse Brewery is the world’s first brewery to use water from thermal springs to make their drinks. You can visit this restaurant and try a glass of several different beers or even root beer. Superior Bathhouse Brewery has some delicious food and is located inside Hot Springs National Park.

Superior Baths opened in 1916 and operated as a bathhouse for nearly 70 years. It featured facilities for both men and woman within a building that consisted of 10,000 square feet.

When flooding struck Hot Springs in 1923, Superior Baths faced a great deal of damage. It was soon repaired and reopened for business. Over the years, this bathhouse expanded and offered more services. Within the building was also a sunroom, massage room and several bathing areas.

Superior Baths closed in 1983 and remained that way for two decades. Finally in 2013, Superior Bathhouse Brewery leased the building from the National Park Service to open the first brewery on park land in the United States. It is also the only brewery in the world to use thermal water from springs to make its beverages.

Superior Bathhouse Brewery is located at 329 Central Avenue in downtown Hot Springs. It is the northernmost bathhouse standing along the famous row of historic buildings.

For more information about Superior Bathhouse Brewery, please visit the official website here.

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