LDS Church History Museum, Salt Lake City, Utah | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures
LDS Church History Museum, Salt Lake City, Utah | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

The illuminating Church History Museum of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sits in downtown Salt Lake City. This free museum utilizes engaging exhibits and activities to share the heritage of the LDS Church since its founding in the early 1800s.

Opened in 1984, the museum contains an extensive collection of fine art and artifacts chronicling the Mormon faith. The flagship exhibit, “The Heavens Are Opened,” transports visitors back to 1820s New York to virtually observe Joseph Smith’s pivotal First Vision experience in the Sacred Grove.

Other highlights include the original printing press used for the first edition of the Book of Mormon. Plaster death masks of Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum provide an intimate glimpse into the faces of these church founders. Interactive displays bring aspects of history alive for children.

Beyond exhibits, the Church History Museum offers an on-site store filled with pioneer-era replicas, jewelry, music, books, and more. From artisan souvenirs to the faith stories of early members, this museum illuminates the indomitable spirit of Mormon pioneers.

For Latter-day Saints and non-members alike, Salt Lake’s Church History Museum provides a glimpse into the fascinating history and legacy of the LDS Church. Walking its halls grants a new perspective on the faith-driven determination that built communities across the American West.

How to Visit

The LDS Church History Museum is located at 45 N W Temple Street in downtown Salt Lake City. To learn more about the museum, be sure to visit the official website here.

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