Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska
Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska | Photo Credit: Flickr - Mobilus In Mobili

Rising from the plains of western Nebraska is one of the most delightfully eccentric roadside attractions in the United States – Carhenge. This replica of England’s ancient Stonehenge is assembled from repurposed vintage automobiles covered in gray spray paint.

Built by Jim Reinders as a memorial to his father in 1987, Carhenge playfully recreates Stonehenge’s iconic circular layout using 39 cars planted trunk-end down in concrete pits. Some vehicles are welded together to form the towering arches, with a 1962 Cadillac making up the central “heelstone.” Additional car-based sculptures scattered around the site complete the whimsical open-air art exhibit.

Carhenge’s appearance captures the current crumbling state of the real prehistoric Stonehenge rather than its original form. But the quirky automobile tribute seems right at home, surrounded by rolling farmland along Highway 87 near Alliance, Nebraska.

Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska
Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska | Photo Credit: Flickr – Tim Vrtiska

Visiting Carhenge lets you marvel at Reinders’ audacious vision while enjoying lighthearted surprises that make it especially memorable. Climb inside the car “tunnels” or pose for photos in the middle of the automotive circle just like at the ancient site it mimics. The unexpected novelty of encountering Stonehenge in automobile form makes it a roadside attraction.

This eccentric landmark has reached iconic pop culture status, appearing in movies, songs, commercials, and TV shows for over 30 years. Carhenge continues to draw curious travelers off the highway, cementing its reputation as one of the most celebrated examples of uniquely American folk art.

So take a detour and make time for Carhenge on your next Nebraska road trip! Once you witness this wonderfully weird automotive sculpture park, you’ll have an unforgettable Americana experience to share.

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