Avenue of the Giants from Humboldt Redwoods State Park
Avenue of the Giants from Humboldt Redwoods State Park | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Adbar

In Northern California, a scenic byway called the Avenue of the Giants winds through the towering redwood groves of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Formerly part of Highway 101, this narrow road carries visitors through cathedral-like stands of the tallest living things on earth.

Driving the 32-mile stretch promises views of magnificent redwood specimens that have survived centuries. Stop to see the hollowed base of the Immortal Tree, scarred by axes and floods but still thriving at well over 200 feet tall. The Founders Grove contains aged giants like the massive Founders Tree at 346 feet high.

Short walking paths allow visitors to delve even deeper into the majestic groves at various points along the route. The canopy shuts out sunlight, cloaking hikers in silence and awe inspired by the soaring trunks surrounding them. Even a quick roadside pull-off rewards with spellbinding glimpses of these ancient forest giants.

Avenue of the Giants
Avenue of the Giants | Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Rschen7754

For the adventurous, several routes offer drive-thru tree experiences, allowing you to navigate your vehicle through the massive base of a living redwood. The Shrine Tree near Myers Flat charges a small fee for cars to attempt this quintessential Northern California adventure.
Whether experienced from the car or on foot, the Avenue of the Giants inspires vistas of some of the world’s most staggering trees. Take the scenic detour along this road made legendary by its ancient arboreal sentinels for an unforgettable glimpse of California’s iconic redwood forests.

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