Meet the World’s Largest Buffalo

World's Largest Buffalo Statue in Jamestown, North Dakota
World's Largest Buffalo Statue in Jamestown, North Dakota | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Either way

Situated in the North Dakota city of Jamestown, “Dakota Thunder” just happens to be the World’s Largest Buffalo. The open prairie landscapes of the state have long been known to house the majestic species, but in the 1950s, this giant statue was commissioned to honor the buffalo that have roamed these lands for centuries.


In 1959, local businessman Harold Newman decided to commission the construction of Dakota Thunder. Sculptor Elmer Peterson created the massive icon. Weighing 60 tons, this buffalo has certainly earned itself the title of being the largest in the world. It spans 46 feet long and towers 26 feet into the North Dakota sky.

Over the years, Dakota Thunder has become prone to the powerful weather that the region experiences. Locals and tourists alike have supported the repair and maintenance of this unique roadside attraction for decades. In fact, every so often, repair projects are conducted to ensure that this Jamestown icon will remain on display for generations to come.

Plan Your Visit

The World’s Largest Buffalo is located at 404 Louis Lamour Lane. The statue is free to visit and visitors are encouraged to snap their selfie’s with the humungous Dakota Thunder!

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