Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport, Rhode Island (Photo Credit: Pixabay - sidharthm)
Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport, Rhode Island | Photo Credit: Pixabay - sidharthm

First lit in 1890, the Castle Hill Lighthouse has served as a guiding beacon in the Narragansett Bay for over a century. This iconic lighthouse is known for its photogenic scenery and a popular attraction in the Newport area.

Alexander Agassiz was a Harvard graduate with knowledge in the field of zoology and oceanography. He inherited this land from his father and shortly thereafter built a mansion on the property in 1874. When plans were constructed to erect the lighthouse, Agassiz sold his property and mansion to the U.S. Government for $1 million dollars. Agassiz later died in the sinking of the HMS Adriatic in 1910.

The lighthouse was automated in 1957. The mansion that was once owned by Agassiz is now known as the Castle Hill Inn and operates as a lodging establishment nearby.

The Castle Hill Lighthouse is located on Ocean Avenue near Ragged Point just past Collins Beach. The lighthouse is not open for tours but visitors can walk the trails near the lighthouse for some exterior photos.

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