Not So Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Historic Rowhouse

F. Scott Fitzgerald Rowhouse, St. Paul, Minnesota (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - McGhiever)
F. Scott Fitzgerald Rowhouse, St. Paul, Minnesota | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - McGhiever

Renowned and celebrated for his literary masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, the illustrious wordsmith F. Scott Fitzgerald found solace and inspiration within the walls of a modest rowhouse nestled in the heart of St. Paul. Within these unassuming confines, Fitzgerald embarked on a transformative journey, penning the pages of his inaugural triumph, This Side of Paradise, a novel that would mark his triumphant entry into the realm of commercial success.

The quaint rowhouse situated on Summit Avenue, welcomed Fitzgerald into its embrace for an extended period of almost two years, a crucial juncture that followed his academic sojourn at Princeton University. It was a residence leased by his devoted parents, offering a nurturing haven for their son’s burgeoning creativity. Against the backdrop of these unassuming walls, Fitzgerald’s typewriter danced with fervor, etching not only the narrative of This Side of Paradise but also birthing an anthology of short stories and literary fragments that showcased his versatile brilliance.

F. Scott Fitzgerald (Photo Credit: Public Domain)
F. Scott Fitzgerald (Photo Credit: Public Domain)

In the roaring time of 1920, a year alive with artistic changes and audacious dreams, Fitzgerald bid farewell to the rowhouse, his artistic cocoon, and set his sights on the enigmatic landscapes of New Orleans, Louisiana. The allure of new horizons and undiscovered adventures beckoned him forward, prompting a transition that mirrored the dynamism of his prose.

Today, the modest abode, christened the F. Scott Fitzgerald Rowhouse, stands as a sentinel of literary legacy at 599 Summit Avenue, a timeless testament to the pages turned and the words woven within. While the dwelling has found itself in private hands, its significance as the crucible of Fitzgerald’s formative artistry continues to cast a spell, even if its doors remain closed to the eager footfalls of literary pilgrims.

In the hallowed spaces of this unassuming residence, F. Scott Fitzgerald breathed life into his stories, reshaping the contours of American literature. The echoes of his words and the spirit of his creative odyssey linger, a gentle reminder that even the most humble of abodes can birth the grandest of dreams.

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