Ohio’s Basket Building is a Must-See Roadside Attraction

Longaberger Basket Building, Ohio (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Derek Jensen)
Longaberger Basket Building, Ohio | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Derek Jensen

Created as an iconic example of Longaberger Basket Company’s products, this unique building still stands as a symbol to the woven empire. Standing seven-stories tall, this iconic building has made a lot of national attention for its architectural significance. Tourists from miles around want to catch a glimpse of this strange building in central Ohio. 

Baskets have long been a popular income in the Dresden, Ohio area. In fact, it employed over 8,000 people at one time. Built in 1997, the Longaberger Basket Building was constructed as a headquarters for the popular brand. It is reported that the basket handles alone weigh over 330,000 pounds! 

Since the Longaberger Company has changed locations and ownership, the giant basket outside of Newark, Ohio has mostly remained vacant. Tours of the building were offered for a short period of time and it is currently in the process of finding new ownership.

While interior tours are not available, many visitors simply enjoy being able to witness the peculiar basket building from a distance on their travels. The building is located at 1500 E. Main Street in Newark, Ohio.

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