Nubble Light, York, Maine (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Hidden Fox Photography)
Nubble Light, York, Maine | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Hidden Fox Photography

Perched stoically on a small rocky islet off the coast of York, Maine stands one of the state’s most iconic and photographed lighthouses – the Nubble Lighthouse. With its stately white tower and bright red roof, this lighthouse has charmed visitors and locals for over 135 years with its classic coastal beauty.

First lit in 1879, Nubble Lighthouse, also called the Cape Neddick Light, was an important beacon that helped guide mariners safely along the dangerous and foggy capes and ledges of the New England coastline. Its powerful fixed light could be seen from over 15 miles out to sea. During its early years, lighthouse keepers and their families lived isolated yet dutiful lives, keeping the vital light shining through storms and long nights.

While no longer inhabited, the lighthouse remains an active aid to navigation, its light automated since 1987. Yet its history and enduring charm still draw countless visitors to the small island to admire the postcard-perfect scene. At low tide, a natural causeway appears, allowing visitors to walk nearly all the way to the lighthouse base.

Nubble Light, York, Maine (Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures)
Nubble Light, York, Maine (Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures)

Perched on the rocky edge, the bright white tower of Nubble Lighthouse stands out dramatically against the blue seas and sky. Photographers flock to capture its image from a small park on the cliff across the way. The small island also attracts a raucous sea bird colony, adding to the sights and sounds of this picturesque place.

Evoking quintessential New England coastal charm, Nubble Lighthouse remains a beloved and iconic symbol of Maine. For over a century its stoic yet graceful presence has captivated all who see it. Though automated, its active tower continues the long tradition of guiding mariners through the region’s treacherous waters and fascinating all who gaze upon its loveliness.

Fun Fact: The Nubble Lighthouse is carried by the Voyager spacecraft on the Voyager Golden Record as one of Earth’s most prominent man-made structures along with other notable places including the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China.

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