Salem Witch Trial Memorial, Salem, Massachusetts (Photo Credit: Flickr - Corey Balazowich)
Salem Witch Trial Memorial, Salem, Massachusetts | Photo Credit: Flickr - Corey Balazowich

This monument has been placed in honor of the victims of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 that took place in the city. It has been a solemn landmark for the remembrance of the tragedy that occurred years ago.

For the 300th Anniversary of the tragic incident the memorial was dedicated in 1992 and rededicated in 2012. Of the 20 people that were wrongfully executed and the many others that faced consequences of being accused this stone and surrounding walls represent the challenges that the people of Salem faced. Also at the memorial are 20 granite benches each with a name of a person who lost their life due to the witch hunt.

Burying Point, Salem, Massachusetts (Photo Credit: Flickr - daveynin)
Burying Point, Salem, Massachusetts | Photo Credit: Flickr – daveynin

Nearby is the Old Burying Point Cemetery which contains the graves of several key people involved in the witch trials. The cemetery is one of the oldest in the entire country. This memorial in particular was created from the result of a design competition for the best representation of a monument for the incident. Arthur Miller, author of The Crucible, was in attendance to announce the plans in 1991 and later in 1992, famed Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel led the dedication ceremony.

The memorial is located on Liberty Street and is free to visit in downtown Salem, Massachusetts.

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