Mt. Roosevelt, Rockwood, Tennessee
Mt. Roosevelt, Rockwood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Perched atop a vantage point, this scenic overlook offers breathtaking vistas of the city of Rockwood and the serene Watts Bar Lake. On a clear day, the panoramic view extends to the majestic Great Smoky Mountains, nearly 70 miles away, their peaks etched against the eastern horizon. Venture to the summit of this natural observation lookout spot, and behold the awe-inspiring beauty of the surrounding landscape, unfolding in all its splendor before your eyes.

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Mt. Roosevelt overlooks much of the city of Rockwood, Tennessee and Watts Bar Lake. It is located within the Roosevelt Wildlife Management Area (WMA) that sprawls over 11,000 acres. The overlook at Mt. Roosevelt is part of the Cumberland Escarpment and is considered one of the highest points on the Cumberland Plateau at 2,036 feet in elevation.

From the top of the overlook, you can see for miles. On a very clear day, you can see for over 70 miles east towards the city of Knoxville and the blue peaked hues of the Great Smoky Mountains.

During the fall, visitors can see not only beautiful fall foliage but also may catch glimpses of migrating birds and butterflies.

Mt. Roosevelt, Rockwood, Tennessee
Mt. Roosevelt, Rockwood, Tennessee | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Plan Your Visit

Mt. Roosevelt Scenic Overlook is located off of Highway 70 on Fire Tower Road. The overlook is 1.5 miles uphill to the parking area.

There is a paved parking area at the top with picnic tables if you want to bring food. However, the tables are covered in graffiti. There are no restrooms at the overlook. The overlook is open year-round during daylight hours.

The fire tower in the center of the parking area is closed to the public as it is unsafe to climb. Instead, bring a pair of binoculars and you can see a very long ways!

If you are looking for more adventures, try taking the spur trail at the overlook adjacent to the fire tower that connects to Walden Ridge Trail.

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