McCune Mansion, Salt Lake City, Utah
McCune Mansion, Salt Lake City, Utah | Photo Credit: Flickr - Emily Allen

Situated atop Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City is the elegant McCune Mansion. Built for a cost of $1 million dollars in 1901, the home stands as a symbol to Salt Lake City’s wealthy past. Visitors to the home have claimed that the house is extremely haunted making it a chilling home to explore.

Alfred and Elizabeth McCune both grew up in India while each of there parents were there on behalf of Britain. They were married and converted by Latter-Day Saint Missionaries while in India. This resulted in their decision to move to Utah.

McCune Mansion, Salt Lake City, Utah | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures
McCune Mansion, Salt Lake City, Utah | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

The McCune’s made their money in Utah by working on gaining railroad construction contracts. When Alfred and Elizabeth McCune ordered the construction of an elaborate home in Salt Lake City, they had a specific goal in mind. They wanted a house that would be like no other in the city. They paid an architect to travel the country and even Europe for two years to find the best home styles. Finally, the house was modeled after one in New York City.

Taking three years to build, the home contains items shipped from around the world to complete its extravagance. The McCune’s lived in the house until 1920, when they moved to Los Angeles. In their absence, they donated the house to the LDS Church. The home operated as McCune Music School and later a Brigham Young University campus.

The home was purchased by the McCarthey family in 1990s. In 1999, a rare tornado in Salt Lake City struck the chimney. Finally in 2001, the homes restoration was complete. It has been an event venue ever since.

As far as the home being haunted, many stories have been told about unusual events taking place inside the home. From cold breezes of air to strange noises, the mansion has been a place of interest for ghost hunters. Objects have been moved around during wedding receptions, lights have flickered and captures of ghostly figures have even been supposedly caught on camera.

How to Visit

The McCune Mansion is open for event rentals and is located at 200 N Main Street in Salt Lake City. For more information about the McCune Mansion, please visit the official website here.

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