Chittenango Falls, New York (Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures)
Chittenango Falls, New York (Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures)

From meandering country roads in New York south of Chittenango lies one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls I have ever experienced. Tumbling nearly 170 feet over the rocky bedrock cliff, this waterfall is a gorgeous photo opportunity and a great place for a nature hike.

As crashing water flows over layered rocks, visitors feel lost in time with the natural landscape and calming sound of the waterfall before them.

The waterfall is estimated to have formed 10,000 years ago and was even used a hydro-power source for local mills in the area beginning in the 1840s.

It wasn’t until 1887 when Mrs. Fairchild purchased and promised to make the land surrounding the beautiful waterfall public for all to enjoy. It remained maintained by the Chittanango Falls Park Association until 1922, when it was sold to the state of New York and made one of the first state parks.

Chittenango Falls, New York (Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures)
Chittenango Falls, New York (Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures)

After the founding of the area as a state park, the Civilian Conservation Corps worked to create the pavilions, bridges, trails and structures that stand today for visitors of the park.

The trails at Chittenango Falls State Park lead to beautiful views of the water. An upper trail and gorge trail are both less than a mile long and give spectators fabulous views.

Chittenango Falls State Park is located off from Highway 13, south of Chittenango and north of Cazenovia.

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