Young Brothers Pharmacy, Cartersville, Georgia
Young Brothers Pharmacy, Cartersville, Georgia | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Situated in the charming downtown area of Cartersville, Georgia is a notable mural sprawled across a historic building. Dating back to 1894, this mural is known to be the first outdoor painted wall sign for the Coca-Cola Company. By visiting, you can dive into the story of one of America’s most iconic beverages and its legacy in north Georgia.

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Coca-Cola quickly grew to be a popular drink in the late 1800s and many local pharmacies served up the drink at their beverage counters. The Young Brothers Pharmacy that was founded in 1881, was one of those locations that served Coca-Cola. When James Couden, a local Coca-Cola syrup salesmen visited Cartersville, he decided to paint the mural on the side of the building for advertisement. After all, the more drinks sold by the pharmacy meant more sales for him. His artwork in 1894 became the first sign of this type for the company.

The success of Couden’s sign in Cartersville led to numerous other murals being painted across the country. However, as the years went by, the Coca-Cola sign was painted over with other advertisements. When Dean Cox, then owner of the Young Brothers Pharmacy began researching the history of his building, he discovered the significance of the sign that was once painted on the aged brick. After removing 25 layers of paint, Cox along with two preservationists, Alison Free and Aggie Ferguson, restored the sign to its former glory.

The Young Brothers Pharmacy closed it’s doors after over 140 years of business in February 2024, but the iconic wall sign still appears on the side of the building in historic downtown Cartersville.

Coca-Cola Wall Sign at Young Brothers Pharmacy, Cartersville, Georgia
Coca-Cola Wall Sign at Young Brothers Pharmacy, Cartersville, Georgia | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Plan Your Visit

The Young Brothers Pharmacy and Coca-Cola wall sign is located at the corner of W Main Street and S Museum Dr SE.

The wall sign is free to visit and an excellent place to snap photos of your visit!

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  1. That’s a neat fact. I was shocked when the Pharmacy closed. I had started getting my medicine there. My mother and grandmother got their medicine there for years. The people were very nice.


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