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Friendship Monument, Cartersville, Georgia
Friendship Monument, Cartersville, Georgia | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Situated near the bustling railroad tracks in downtown Cartersville lies a unique monument that is a symbol of great friendship. The story of how the marble monument came to stand on the site is an interesting tale that reveals the appreciation of a local businessman named Mark Cooper to some of his dear friends.

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Mark A. Cooper was a successful businessman in the Cartersville area. He had built and operated several businesses in the course of his career. When the Panic of 1857 struck, it left many people struggling to make ends meet. This economic downtown greatly impacted Cooper’s business ventures and nearly left him bankrupt. As Cooper began cutting his losses, he feared that he would lose everything.

In order to save what was left of his business, Cooper listed for sale a downtown parcel with a prime location next to the railroad tracks. He hoped to sell the land to pay off a $100,000 debt he had accumulated.

A group of thirty-eight friends from the surrounding area came to Cooper’s rescue. Each of his friends signed off on notes that would accumulate to the exact total that Cooper needed to save his business. Upon receiving the notes, he was so thankful that he felt forever grateful to his supportive friends.

It took nearly three years for Cooper to repay his debt to his friends. When he finally paid the debit, he wanted to honor his friends with a monument. On the parcel that was saved, he had a large marble monument erected with the names of all thirty-eight friends inscribed into the stone.

Today, the monument still stands right in downtown Cartersville next to the railroad tracks. The monument bears the symbol of representing not only Cooper’s friends but also the power of strong friendships.

Friendship Monument, Cartersville, Georgia
Friendship Monument, Cartersville, Georgia | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

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The Friendship Monument is located in downtown Cartersville, Georgia at 5 E Main Street, near the Public Square and across the street from the First Outdoor Painted Wall Sign for Coca-Cola.

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