Babe Ruth Site in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Babe Ruth Site in Hot Springs, Arkansas | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Explore the site where Babe Ruth made baseball history with the first 500 foot-plus-drive in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This city has been known for its popular baseball heritage due to many teams training here and markers like these pinpoint the highlights that made the city famous for sports fans.


For nearly a decade, Babe Ruth made his annual pilgrimage to Hot Springs, Arkansas to prepare for the sports season. Along with many other team members, early 1900s baseball stars would get on their gloves and grab their ball bats to practice history in the making.

In the spring of 1918, St. Patrick’s Day to be exact, Babe Ruth found some luck while up to bat. Across the street from the site of the marker lies Whittington Park, the field where the ball team practiced. It was there that Babe Ruth struck a home run that went across the street and landed inside the present day Arkansas Alligator Farm. Once the measurement was counted, it was assumed to be 573 feet, which greatly became baseball’s first 500 foot-plus-drive.

How to Visit

Located just outside of the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo, this historic marker stands as a reminder to the local baseball past. Positioned on Whittington Avenue, sports fans can read all about the history of how Babe Ruth made history right at this site! This marker is free to visit and is one of many historic baseball sites in the Hot Springs area.

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