Skull Cave, Mackinac Island, Michigan (Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Notorious4life)
Skull Cave, Mackinac Island, Michigan | Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Notorious4life

This mysterious cave is located within Mackinac Island State Park and exists as a reminder of the areas history. Not only is the landmark of an ancient lake, it also housed the remains of Native Americans from centuries ago.

Lake Algonquin once was in the place of what is known today as Lake Huron. This was many years ago around the time of the last ice age. Skull Cave was carved out by the waters of this prehistoric lake.

When Native American tribes inhabited the island, they found the cave to be a good place to lay to rest some of their tribe members. The bones found in the cave trace back to the 1700s.

Alexander Henry was a British fur trader who came to Mackinac Island in the mid-1700s. He documented the bones in the cave during his time spent hiding out in its dark corridor. The Native Americans took siege of Fort Mackinac during the Pontiac War and Mr. Henry had no place to hide but Skull Cave. He learned in the daylight of the morning the disturbing truth behind the caves purpose.

Skull Cave is located on Garrison Road on Mackinac Island within the state park. It is a short walk north of Fort Mackinac. For more information please visit the official website here.

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