Southernmost Monument to a Union Solider, Lynn Haven, Florida
Southernmost Monument to a Union Solider, Lynn Haven, Florida | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

Situated among the quiet streets of Lynn Haven lies the Southernmost Monument to a Union Solider. The towering statue looks onward north in memory of those lost in the Civil War. This statue is a symbol not only to Lynn Haven’s founding by northern settlers but also an honor to those that fought and died on the battlefield.

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Settled primarily after the Civil War by Union solider veterans, the City of Lynn Haven has grown and evolved into the bustling community it is today. Many of the veterans who settled in Lynn Haven did so in hopes to retire in a warm climate and enjoy the sunny paradise that is Florida.

The city was platted in 1911 and is named after W.H. Lynn, the editor of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) National Tribune. Lynn is credited with advertising the area as a “haven” for union veterans and their families, thus ultimately leading to the name “Lynn Haven”.

Just two years after its establishment in 1913, the local chapter of the GAR decided they wanted to build a statue in the city. The purpose of the monument would be a symbol to those who fought and those who lost their life in the Civil War. In 1920, residents of the city donated money, primarily from veteran pensions, to erect this monument that stands today.

The Union soldier at the top of the 40’ tall monument faces north, holding a musket in his hand. The statue of the soldier was made in Salem, Ohio by the Mullins Company. It is believed to be the only statue of its kind to be built south of the Mason-Dixon line. This fun fact has made it be featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

There are four plaques on the base of the monument. The northern facing plaque was placed to dedicate the “Monument in memory of the Union Soldiers of the Civil War – 1861 to 1865”. The east plaque has information about veterans of the Civil War, particularly the ones who lived in Lynn Haven. The two other plaques read “The American Creed” and “The Grand Army of the Republic”.

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The statue stands at the corner of W. 8th Street and Georgia Avenue in Lynn Haven, Florida in what is now called Monument Park.

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