Steel Magnolia's House, Natchitoches, Louisiana
Steel Magnolia's House, Natchitoches, Louisiana | Photo Credit: Violet Sky Adventures

This house was made famous for being the centerpiece in the 1989 film, Steel Magnolias. Now it is open as a Bed & Breakfast for travelers to come stay and experience the inside of the iconic home. Conveniently, it is located near downtown Natchitoches, Louisiana which also offers plenty of historical attractions and delicious cuisine. 

Built using imported French brick, the home was designed by two Italian architects around the 1840s. The home was used as a store for a while due to its prime location near the frequently traveled Cane River. 

Over the next few decades, the home served as a safe house for the Underground Railroad and as a hospital during the Civil War. In the early 1900s, the house was carefully torn down and moved away from the sidewalk to give more space in the yard. After being reconstructed, the house underwent some modifications as it was expanded to have a veranda and family room. 

The home made its famous debut in the 1989 film, Steel Magnolias. This film starred several famous women including Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, Sally Field, Shirley McLaine, Daryl Hannah and Olympia Dukakis. 

The Steel Magnolias house officially opened as a bed & breakfast in 2014. The overnight accommodations include comfortable bedrooms and a complete breakfast in the morning.

The Steel Magnolia Bed & Breakfast is located at 320 Jefferson Street in Natchitoches, Louisiana. 

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